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  1. Hello guys. Need to write and ask for advise. FSX flying PMDG B737. I have not used the sim for 4 months, been abroad. When back home, and starting the sim for a flight, the throttle functions is suddenly opposite. Flaps arm to 40 to get flaps 0, full trust to get idle and speed brake the same. Tried tutorial 1, and own flights. Strange since the computer has been totally disconnected with power since we left. Checking fsuipc, all seems working ok, so can any one of you guess what happen? I can't.....
  2. Yes I use hardware throttle, controlled by FSUIPC via BU0836x card. Saved panel state (?), that was new info for me. Morgan Kane
  3. Has anyone had the same experience? Under flight the eng.1 stops and A/T switch off. Then starts immediately and after everything from directly to severals second/minutes it stops and starts again. I noticed that the throttle 1 makes a short, quick movement forward and this action makes the engine stop. I have tried to adjust throttles manually under A/T on, but it does not avoid the problem. Under decent with throttle in idle it continue to stop and start, but under last flight the A/T did not switch off, and I landed with one engine running, since it stopped and no restart at descend. I have searched for possible errors or programmed/planned errors to happen, but find nothing. Is it possible to look in to any files for errors? Any other ideas how to find a solution for this? It has lasted over several flights with 737-800NGX. I might need to do a re-install?
  4. October 28, and most of the flightsim has worked for a period of time, almost without big problems. Still I have not solved the function of stopping the engines. Been flying quite a lot lately, and the small irritating things, seems like I just have to ignore them :smile: 1. Engine idle-engine cutoff engine = same. (they goes back to idle after a few seconds.) 2. Under the flight, the autopilot have fun by moving throttle forward and backward continuously, not much, but enough to change the trust of engines, example; from 87 % to 92%, up and down, up and down. 3. Same behavior of yoke under flight, makes the airplane move a little up and down. Seems like throttle and yoke is moving together 4. A lot of stutter on yoke while parked, both aileron and elevator. Checked if interference with other program, but I use only FSUIPC for these. 5. Conflict with steering tiller and rudder. Even if they are assigned separately in FSUIPC and by controlling and calibrating everything looks fine. When I move steering tiller, the rudder pedals do as well. Calibrated in FSUIPC, looks good. I get less control while take off and land. If I look at the rudder itself outside, it is flickering left and right. For a while I had a perfect steering with the tiller, but "today" this has changed. 6. When pressing TOGA the A/T switch itself off. Makes the take off more exiting.....so I use the spot with the mouse instead. Well Flightsim has never been perfect and without spending a lot of cash on pro sim's I guess we have to live with it? I have learned a lot about flying the big jets, thats a huge reward :smile:
  5. On my built TQ i use toggle switch for engine1 idle and engine1 cutoff, as well as engine 2. I program Linda ngx ENG1 cutoff when pressed and ngx eng1 idle on release. But I do have a disturbing action when switch is pressed. After a few seconds, the handle returns to idle when I want to stop the engine(s) The engines does not stop of course. What kind of signal is supposed to be given to the sim, to keep the handle down, switch closed/pressed?
  6. I know, it is 2015, but i got the same problem after changing a BUX because of malfunction. To assign them in Settings did not help. I wonder what cause this? Even the assigned buttons disappeared completely. Well, I learn assigning buttons the hard way, and now it seems to work well. Thanks for a good program, which has helped me a lot, after i have leanred how it works. Takes more energy and time to be selfeducated Morgan
  7. So, throttle adjusted, everything hopefulle seem to work, not quite finished yet, but made a short haul from ESMS (Malmoe-Sturup to ESGG (Gothenburg-Landvetter). New experience, new lesson learned Hope someone also learned a little out of this, and can use it in the future. Bye all!
  8. The short haul flight was cancelled. Reason: I need to reprogram FSUIPC after flashing the card, and that is not an easy job to do. After opening FSX, all controls suddeny moved opposite. Flaps was 0 at 40. full thrust at no thrust and so on. Everything worked fine before this program corruption. I am agianst corruption! Puhhhh..........
  9. Problem solved! I flashed the software of the BU0836X card, and everything worked. The software was coorupt, according to Leo Bodnar. A lesson learned. :-) Now I will make a short haul test flight.
  10. Made a test tonight with windows game controller, similar as in FSX program. Flightsim and Linda was not started. I discovered that ALL switches returned to off position via BU0836X card. I informed Leo Bodnar about it tongight. Will be interesting to hear if they have any suggestions. We will find out sooner or later
  11. I use Leo Bodnar BU836X card. I have now tested with the park brake switch and one extra switch. I assigned the latter switch to an external light as well, with same result. I have searched for Linda's trace facility, but did not find it. I love to solve problems
  12. I have now checked the switches. First, I assigned one engine to taxi light. Same happens, after 3 seconds, the light goes back to off. I checked the switches and compared with a new unused switch, wit same resistance and function. Then I moved one switch from nr 5 to nr 20 on the BU0836X card. but same happens. Also I discovered that the idle-cut off arm in cockpit was activated even on release. When I releases the micro switch the handle want down, the up again. I had one theory that it was th I/O cards software which was the problem, but since I got the same action when I moved the cables from pos 5 to 20 it should not be that. Then maybe I should make a shot to PDMG forum to give a shot in the dark: I will try to find an another switch and assign as well, different from the ones I have and see what happens This is only meant as info of the progress so far )
  13. Thank you very much for your effort to help out. Really highly appreciated! Have a nice evening. (Training autoland ekch tonight)
  14. I have sent you a mail with pictures. The only thing I want help with here is to choose the correct assign of those two buttons, in normal and off button. I have PDMG737NGX module. Sorry, I am not pro enough to find the correct ones Thanks in advance Morgan
  15. No, It is on at cut off, on when pressed, and on as log as pressed. off at idle, of as long as it is idle. So even when the switch is pressed, the handle in cockpit returns to idle, and engines does not shut down. I can not and do not want to have idle on released button. In Linda I can choose if i want pressed or released. So i have NGX ENG 1 cut off when pressed and idle on release. Also in fsuipc there is no assignment as I can see. I get the number of buttob/switch thats all. As in Linda. This is mystique
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