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  1. arkitekt

    777 PMDG won't work with new graphic card

    To Jon: Thanks a lot I delete the shader cache - but nothing changed - the FSX ist still crashing. to RWFeldman: The FSX tried to load the PMDG 777, for a second I can hear the engine sound, saw the Airplane on the screen and after this short moment the FSX is closing/crashing. It seems familiar to problems that I know from conflicts or mistakesregarding a bad fsx.cfg - but I renewed the cfg ! I can not see a mistake. On the other side - during this little moment before crash - I'm missing the green line on the screen with the red PMDG countdown 16...15...14...when the PMDG 777 prepare the plane /cockpit systems. There was no comment after the crash naming a special mistake or number ... :-/ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP ! But I can't see the mistake...
  2. arkitekt

    777 PMDG won't work with new graphic card

    Hi David, thank you very much for helping out. Unfortunately Your idea won't worked out. I cleared all Nvidia driver and in addition to that, I delete the PMDG files. I just started the installation new: same result: the fsx crash when i tried to start the PMDG 777. And again: there was no green tape/line with the red countdown starting the loading process and preparation of the 777. Something is going terrible wrong. hm.... Is it possible to reinstall the PMDG 777 and start the instal process completly new, so that I have to use use my order code again ? Because there must be an old registry remark of the 777..... reinstalling the 777 was to simple, i didn't need my code again. I would appreciate any help. Felix
  3. Dear FSX Friends ! First of all, please excuse my english language skills. I'm sorry to ask, but I have no idea about a possible mistake regarding the PMDG 777 and my new graphic card. I would really appreciate any help. I bought the PMDG 777 in december, but the result with my GTX 460 Graphic card was not so fine. Yesterday I got a new graphic card: GTX 660 TI. Everything worked out fine, but I can't start the PMDG 777 again. I'm looking for the mistake: - Of course I formed/build up a new fsx.cfg - but it didn't help - of course I 'm using a new driver for the card. - MD11 / NGX 737 / 747 are working very well. - when I try to chosse the PMDG 777 the FSX is starting the 777-Airplane but without the green stripe (or line) with the red countdown ( regarding the nessecary time of loading time). after 1- 2 seconds the sim crashes. Onliy withe the remark/ note of a bigger FSX problem. - I tried to reinstall the 777 completly new, but there must be a hidden registration, because it was not nessesary to use the order-registration-code a second time. - From my point of view, it seems like a copy-license problem, but i can't find the mistake.... it won't work out. Thanks a lot and best regards from germany felix