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  1. A couple of aircraft I have confirmed from the devs will work in 2.0, mostly Sim Skunkworks and A2A (just dont have p3d installers). Ive seen Iris aircraft in P3D 2 (as stock aircraft?) but no official word on them supporting P3D 2, and word from Razbam is that they are in process of redeveloping their Harriers for 2.0, but no idea yet if they will be payware or not if you already own them for FSX. From what Ive learned from Aerosoft is that the people who developed the F-16 are no longer at Aerosoft, and all updates have ceased for it. As for VRS, its well known that aircraft plus TacPack will not be compatible, so Ive had the sense not to ask about these. Nothing that Ive heard from Milviz says otherwise either, and any info I get is minimal at best.
  2. Ive been asking around with no real definitive answers, but Im hoping I can get a clue here. All of my payware aircraft arent certified (from what Ive been able to find) for installation to P3D 2.0, and Im wondering if anyone was able to port their aircraft over from FSX to P3D. Mostly, its al of Iris' air force series (F-15E, A-10, F-22), Razbams Harrier set, Aerosofts F-16 (and anything that is relatively that old), Milviz T-38, and anything from SSW. I have a bunch of payware aircraft that are a must for me to port over to 2.0 if I am to purchase. If they can be ported over, what are the procedures for installation? Ive not seen a P3D installer for any of these aircraft, and Im fairly certain FSS doesnt have these files updated for that installation.
  3. Rotating beacon IIRC is the Green/White rotating signal light in most airports. In DX10, they always show up with green/white rays instead of just regular light. Is there a fix planned in the future for this? Or is this one of those -stuck with it- issues?