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  1. Hi Everyone I have a strange problem with my new Yoke + Throttle. Everything works fine. Until I enter fullscreen or maximalised window. When I do that, the yoke controls freeze and come back to life only when I plug and unplug the yoke and restart FS9. This is also visible in the driver calibration dialog. Windows, Bios, drivers, etc. are up to date. To add to the strange behavior, when I enter another user account on the computer (one that hasn't used FS9) the problems seemed nonexistent at first. I was able to fly for an hour or two. When I was confident the problems were somehow linked to the other account I started to customize the settings on this new account. And then the problems started occuring in the other user account as well. As soon as I put graphics settings on 'High' and increased screen resolution from 800x600 to a higher resolution the problem was suddenly back. Does anyone have advice? Or a fix?