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  1. Guys, Can anyone explain who top get Autogate up and running. I have the plugin installed. Any help would greatly be appreciated
  2. Guys, Does anyone know how to get Autogate up and running in X-Plane 11. I have the plugin installed. They say you need planes and airports to support this plugin. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  3. eddiefalcon


    Guys, I've installed AutoGate (DGS) for X-Plane 11. Can't get the program to work. Do I need appropriated Scenery, Airplanes and Airports???
  4. eddiefalcon


    Guys, Thanks for the help. I also notice that on system start up a pop message, Missing entry: SHADOWPLAYONSYSTEMSTART. Do you think that would have any bearing on the FPS?? I have a new Dell XPS computer with a 4 GB NVIDIA graphics card. Also have the 49 inch Samsung gaming monitor.
  5. Guys, Can anyone help me with the frame rate for x-plane 11? I was running 30-40 FPS, now I'm down to 12 FPS. I tried everything, even contacted Laminar to no avail. Any help would greatly be appreciated
  6. Is anyone running x-plane 11 with the Samsung 49 inch gaming monitor?? I'm considering purchasing one.