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  1. Hello. I'm new to PE. It's only been a month. But, despite my difficulties in the early days of not speaking native English, the help that ATCs give is very good. If necessary when they know you're new, they even talk to you slower so you can understand what they're telling you. When you make a mistake, they explain how to avoid it. Thanks to these explanations, I am passing the CAT tests. I have currently passed CAT 7. In these tests you learn how to talk in each situation, depending on what kind of airspace you are in. They have patience with the new ones. And that, is very appreciated. You have a free period to try. Take advantage of it. I did, and I don't regret being subscribed now. The software for my opinion is superior to other network systems. 15 hours a day of control. I am from Spain, I can't take advantage of all the hours, but for me, in spite of that it's worth it. After my job, I fly or two a day. In a month I've learned a lot more than in years to fly around America. They have links on their website where there is a lot of information to instruct you. In short. Despite my difficulty in not speaking English very well, if it's worth it. If you have no problem with English, I recommend 100%. Regards Francisco Pd. Sorry for my English
  2. Thank you very much for this effort. Just what I needed for my flights through the USA regards
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