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  1. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    Hello Fabrizio, thanks. As for traffic, I always had the settings to SHOW ALL, both on 777 and 737. Still intrigued why it works with IVAO with 777 and not with 737. As for weather... another intriguing situation. I have experimented a little the past couple of days with FSUIPC and to no avail. I am thinking about testing ASN, but I am afraid of the frame rate drop... Thanks for your input!
  2. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    That is EXACTLY when this is happening: ON THE GROUND at the airport corresponding to the METAR. Other examples were so just for Steffan to understand. No ofense on saying this is a bug and likewise I will not be offended if the mistake is mine. The goal is not to set blame, but solve my problem. Thanks. See, maybe I should had posted 2 threads... All works FINE with 777 on TCAS. It does not work with 737NX. How can the problem be with iVaP or FSX ? Thanks.
  3. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    Thanks Kyle. As for the altimeter, if I understand correctly your post, if I am indeed sitting on the ground connected to IVAO then if I press B then the QNH SHOULD be same as in the METAR, right? If the answer is YES to the above question, then that is what I am talking about. On 737 and 777 they are NOT. Example: I am just flying now from OITT to LTAC. METAR for OITT said QNH was Q1010 but to be on the correct field elevation, thus pressing B, the QNH went to Q1003. Imagine a CatII approach. QNH is extremely important... of course around me while on approach QNH should be variable, fully understood and known. But ON THE GROUND it should be as per METAR. What is annoying is that QNH is JUST as METAR on other aircraft when online. As for the settings... it will be highly appreciated if you could direct me exactly to where I must check the settings. Thanks.
  4. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    I am glad I could make myself understood I very rarely post, as I usually am able to solve the problems on my own... but not this time... No, I do not have any other weather engine. Not even installed. That is why I believe it indeed is an issue. Thanks.
  5. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    You misunderstood me I will try to be more clear: Suppose I am online and flying above the TA. I will see on the PFD lower right corner, in green, STD. I am flying on 1013.2 hPa. Now I am approaching my destination. I check the ATIS and the altimeter setting is, for instance, 1019. I go to the smaller knob on the BARO MCP part and set 1019. On the lower right corner of the PFD, now, will appear in green STD and BELOW, in white, 1019 HPA. Passing through TL, I only press the MCP STD button and it adjusts to Q1019, as I would do turning a knob on manual altimeters. Now... since my online weather states that QNH at my destination is Q1019, I am adjusted. If I press B, nothing SHOULD happen, as what I did was a manual setting, as in real life. Problem is, on the new version of both B737 and B777 for FSX:SE, this setting ends up being DIFFERENT from the weather found at the destination. And as this does not happen with default aircraft, it sure looks like some sort of problem with NGX and weather engine. On IVAO forum there are a couple of posts reporting this problem. But I believe no one was able to pinpoint it to NGX as I did. Older versions worked just fine as I described above. Is it a bit clearer now ? Thanks.
  6. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    I can only thank you Steffan, but I have been in the SIM world for almost 20 years and with IVAO for almost 14. I have been with earlier version of PMDG for a long time... Things should work as I wrote above, as they always did. As this is an official support forum, I will wait for an official reply. Thanks again!
  7. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    Thanks Steffan, I am considering ONLINE weather. When online, there should be no need to press B. My issue is NOT offline. It is online with IVAO and ONLY with PMDG. Thanks.
  8. rbgomes

    NGX and IvAp => 2 annoying issues

    Thanks Steffan. OK, suppose I use B and calibrate the altimeter. If I do not disconnect again, I should expect the weather to be "calibrated". So, during my Approach Checklist I set the local altimeter... well, after landing (suppose it was visual!), the altimeter will STILL be incorrect. Any ideas? Thanks again.
  9. Hello Everyone, First of all, I apologise if this topic has already been discussed. I looked for the search engine in the forum, but could not find (sorry if it is in my face!). I am experiencing 2 annoying bugs (?) with 737NGX and IvAp. One of them also happens with 777X. I use FSX:SE and before posting I updated both FSX:SE and 737NGX and 777X through a clean installation. Problems remain. 1) ON 737NGX AND 777X, when I connect to IvAp, I can NEVER get the IvAp METAR QNH to match the aircrafts when I am on the ground. For example, I am now online at EBBR, METAR QNH is 1020 and in the aircraft the QNH is 1010. Testes I made: I loaded default aircrafts and the QNH on them are CORRECT (1020) as per METAR. Any insights? 2) This one happens ONLY on 737NGX (in other words, all works perfectly with 777X!!!) When online on IvAp, the embeded TCAS service with IVAN is NOT showing on the screen on 737NGX. Of course I thought it would be a FSUIPC problem BUT all works fine with 777X! So, if settings are the same how can it work for 777 and NOT for 737?? Help appreciated. Thanks! Rafael