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  1. water2fuel

    Updates for 737 NGX

    Hi Stuart - I believe I was in this very same position just a few hours ago. Is yours the Aerosoft Boxed version of the PMDG 737 and you want to get it to run within Steam ? If so, wsmeier advises: " The updates for the boxed version are downloaded from Aerosoft here: http://support.aerosoft.com/" This worked wondrously for me; hopefully this is what you are asking as well. Sincerely, Mark Maynard
  2. water2fuel


    Hi Walter !! Just a huge shoutout for your wonderful assistance regarding my PMDG 737. I did as you advised, and downloaded the update from Aerosoft. It works like a Charm - No more OOM errors - what a joy that will be :-) . Thank you ever so much for your kindness - when able I will pay it forward. Sincerely, Mark Maynard
  3. water2fuel


    In my case, cannot get FSX:SE to run the PMDG boxed version B737NGX I purchased years ago. . I launched the simconnect procedures, found in the SDK files, but no joy. This is a new computer; OS was Windows professional 7, upgraded to 10, and currently running a 5960 i7, with 16 GB ram and 980Ti card. Have 2 hard drives, with FSX on the M drive, and FSX:SE on the C drive. Although the B737-NGX runs perfectly on the M drive under FSX, after de-installing it and installing it on the C drive within Steam, the gauges will not appear. I can't help but believe I am doing something wrong.... though not sure what that is since PMDG advises they are supporting the 737-NGX within Steam. By way of information, I also have the PMDG Queen of the Skies Boxed version, brought prior to the 737 NGX, and sadly understand that PMDG doesn't support that within Steam. Thanks for any assistance and suggestions... Mark Maynard
  4. water2fuel


    Saddened to hear you lost your Mother this week. I enjoyed your blog postings, but am Wishing YOU Inner Peace. Catch you when you write again. Mark