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  1. Pheasantww

    Flight Sim Windows 10 Issues

    Thanks Vortex and Bumpy, Clean install didn't work. Says there is a corrupted file. The more I read about the SE version the more impressed i am. So I may just go that route. Thanks again....
  2. Pheasantww

    Flight Sim Windows 10 Issues

    I have 64 bit Win 10 Pro upgraded from Win 7 Pro. I have had no problems using my registered ver of Flight Sim X Gold Edition in Win 7 and after I upgraded to Win 10 at the end of July. With Win 10 Pro, I was able to delay the install of the Anniversary update for a while but it finally caught up with me a couple weeks ago. The update fried my boot record so the drive/registry I was using was useless for booting, But everything on the HD was still accessible. So the Geeks installed a new HD with Win 10 Anniversary update installed. I could now access my old HD but obviously Flight Sim would not start up. I tried reinstalling Flight Sim over the top of the existing as I have done successfully with other programs but it won’t complete the install from the original disks. I tried copying the disks to a thumb drive from a different computer then copy all the files to the new HD and try the reinstall that way, no joy. So getting to my questions before I go out and buy Flight Sim X all over again: Can Flight Sim X be installed on a Win 10 Pro machine? If I buy the Steam ver of Flight Sim, will my Megascenery files and added “stuff” work? What other options might I have? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Pheasantww

    Tropical Storm Tour

    I am fairly new to FS and needed some practice flying in bad weather. No better way than to go into a Tropical storm. As we speak, it is located off the Georgia coast. Pick an airport near the GA coast, set the Weather to update every 15mins and fly the C172 east to test your bad weather skills.