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  1. Hi all, I'm new to AVSIM, but not MSFS, so forgive any errors in my forum edicate. :blush: What, I'm facing here is NOT your average frame rate issue. I've read and read and read about people having problems keeping their frame rates above 30, but a huge percent of those are old, outdated forum posts where the user was still using a sub-3GHz CPU and only 2GB of RAM on a not-so-high-perfomance motherboard. I understand FSX is highly CPU intensive, and seems to have a nasty habit of 'ignoring' your video adapter's graphical processing capabilities. I'm estranged that it doesn't call on the processing power of CUDA in nVidia GPUs, since 'traditional' processing is so important to it. Anway, what I'm facing here is an almost definite 14FPS when the G1000 is turned on and the engine is running. I have managed to reduce a few settings here and there and use a frame cap to keep everything at 30FPS (I run everything else at 60FPS), which is absolutely fine for flight simulator use. What is it about the G1000 that pulls the frame down into the teens? I understand it may be a virtual display and all, but my video card is now slouch in that department. Not only am I a flight simulator pilot but also a heavy gamer, where my hardware is put through (what apears to be) much, much higher stresses at the display level. Here's a final breakdown of the issue... Frame rate can be locked at 60FPS, but when the G1000 is turned on it will plummet to 14FPS and begin bobbing between that and about 24FPS unpredictably. Frame rate can be locked at 30FPS, same issue. If the engine is started and the G1000 is switched off, the frame rate will to return to a consistant 30 or 60FPS, whichever it is locked at. I have a few other aircraft featuring the G1000, including Flight1's CT182T. Issues are the same as above. SYSTEM AMD Phenom II 955 OCd to 3.6GHz Corsair Dominator 4GB DDR3 @ 1.5GHz WD Black HDD @ 7200 RPM EVGA GTX560ti 1GB PC has been tuned by yours truly. Runs clean, cool and smooth. B)