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  1. Hi all, Recenty I'm back to build my vfr flight system. but I need to modify some TileProxy source code . I remembered that it was packed together the release version but now i couldn't find it . Could anyone share the Source Code to me ? My e-mail address is thanks.
  2. shawlee

    Using Google Maps

    Hope google will not be... you know, in my country the VE and Yahoo Image are not detailed. So I try to change to google as its coverage and detailed Scenery. The Linke is : I'm not sure if other countries can get acess in . If you need you can contact me mail: david_2008 AT
  3. Hi all I modified the libnettile.dll. so now it was compactable with the google maps. I'm not sure if it is against any laws? if so let me know or just delete the post. You can download the two fix files: http:/ Useage: Replace the libnettile.dll in your TP directory(Bakeup if needed). Config the ProxyUser.ini . See the download file "ProxyUser.ini" , I add a new server named "Google Service" and make it the Active one.