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  1. Timsa

    No animations are smooth

    Really? But why does it work at some other users? Well, doesn't mind actually. And when will the update come? Ca.?
  2. Timsa

    No animations are smooth

    Really? Even in the PMDG 737NGX forum I get NO answer? If I won't get one here, where should I get one then? I think it is not possible from PMDG to leave their clients alone with such problems.
  3. Timsa

    No animations are smooth

    Hey guys, I've got a problem with my PMDG 737NGX: When I lift the ailerons, the animation isn't smooth, it's choppy (sorry, in german: "ruckelig"), also the gear lever, or the trim ... actually all animations, exept flaps. My Computer is able to run the NGX with very good frames, I can play totally smooth ... Anyone an idea? Thank you Tim