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  1. Marlon115

    OpusFSX and my Yoke

    The problem is solved. When i install OpusFSX i forgot to share the directory. Now everything is working again. Thanks
  2. Marlon115

    OpusFSX and my Yoke

    Maybe it sound stupid but what do you mean with LCC and where can i find this. No i'm not running the client as well as the server on the same flying PC. My sim is not freezing, because with the mouse and keyboard i can still work with FSX. Only the Yoke, pedals and joystick are throw away. If i restart FSX i can see them again. And this happens on every aircraft i tried with OpusFSX.
  3. Marlon115

    OpusFSX and my Yoke

    Dear, I have a question; Everytime i start FSX everythings works fine, no problems. The moment i startup OpusFSX to work with FSX it throw away my Yoke and Pedals(Saitek) and my joystick(Logitech 3D ForceFeedback). Can you tell me what the problem is and how to solve it. Thanks Marlon.