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  1. There is quite a lot of new planes in that file with a lot of different variants. Some have some "Effects" and some dont. Im kinda lost what " effects" those are
  2. That one worked for me. Perhaps some problem on route between my isp and the server.
  3. Hey guys, I like flying the default F-18, however I do not like the autopilot that much, is there a way to get better interface for it? I can use the hdg,alt and spd hold bugs, but I do not see the value, except for the heading. I would like to see what altitude is the autopilot holding or going to as well as the speed, because right now with the alt and spd holds im just guessing. If it is possible to have some better interface where I could see the values through some mod or addon, that would be great. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for the fastest jet that is available. I currently use Virtavia F-22, so i am looking for something faster. Not only max speed, but acceleration as well. Thanks.
  5. I actually found it. They are mapped as "Heading bug (select)" "Altitude bug (select)" and "Airspeed bug (select)" Once you select on of those bugs, you can increase or decrease with "Selection (increase)" and "Selection (decrease)" The weirdest part however, is that the Heading bug select and Altitude bug select are available in the autopilot section of the control, but the airspeed bug isnt. It is available only in controls config as CTRL + SHIFT + R. I dont know if the devs forgot to include it in the controls setting, or if it is on purpose, however it is very strange.
  6. Hello, I ve been having problems with some of the DDIs in the F18. Sometimes when I press the SQL button or the ACL button FSX crashes to desktop. Any way to remedy this? Is this a known problem? Thanks
  7. Yeah the tooltips work, thansk for that. I thought there would be maybe some external way to bind keys for that.
  8. I must be blind, but I dont see the autopilod SPD hold increase or decrease anywhere. I Dont see the altitude hold increase either.
  9. Hello, is there any way to bind keys to AP ALT hold increase/decrease as well as SPD hol increase/decrease? On a sidenote, when I hover orver someting in virtual cockpit, it no longer whos what am I pointing at, any way to turn it back on? Thanks
  10. Solved by removing the plane's files and putting them back from fresh download.
  11. Hey guys, I discovered that I really enjoy flying the default learjet. However I feel something is missing. I am looking for similar plane (I believe they are called "bizjets") that looks much like the learjet, but is a faster. It can be payware, it can be freeware, but it would be good if it was not very resource heavy, like the citation mustang, which lowers my FPS drastically when in virtual cockpit. So basically something like the learjet but faster, PW or FW, not resource heavy. Thanks
  12. This is what it looked like when I took off from EDDF to LEPA. http://imgur.com/a/6SrV8 The first picture shows the deviation from the GPS path. The second one shows my virtual cockpit along with the gps, the deviation is also observable on the gps. I do not understand why I can not get the plane to follow the GPS path just like I would any other plane with th VOR LOC while in gps navigation mode.
  13. Hello, I have a small provlem with the Virtavia F-22 plane. I was flying from LOWS to ESSA. At LOWS i set my gps to DIRECT TO to ESSA. After takeoff, I started my AP put it into GPS mode. Instead of HDG I pressed the CRS button hoping it would follow the direct path that the GPS gave me, but the plane did not follow it at all, it deviated quite a lot. I thought something was weird, so I got on that path manually using the HDG button and followed it for some time. Then I thought maybe it was just a fluke, so I engaged the CRS button again, but the plane again deviated from the flightpath that the gps gave me. So I have no idea what did I do wrong? How do I get the autopilot to follow the GPS path ? Thanks Here you can see what the autopilot did shortly after I changed from HDG mode to CRS. (Yes, I was in GPS mode). http://i.imgur.com/70EPJX2.png
  14. Yeah I just tried that and it works for me. The other screen is black and I can drag anything I want into it. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I just bought some dirt cheap samsung syncmaster 151s and I wanna use it for different gauges and things like the radio stack etc.. simply so that I can use my main screen for otuside view only. My main screen is 1366x768, the samsung syncmaster is 1024*768. How would I go about this? Do I have to worry about drastic performance decrease even if I display ONLY gauges and different panels in 2D and on the syncmaster the outside view on my main monitor? Thanks
  16. I read it but I am a newbie and this is all really above me. I was hoping for some simplified step by step for baron that uses G1000.
  17. Hello, I have this simple question: How do I line up my Baron that uses G1000 perfectly with the runway using autopilot? I know where to get the ILS and Heading of the runway, I just need some simple step by step guide on how to set up the plane so that it automatically lines itself up with the runway perfectly, so that all I have to do is control the descent and then turn off the autopilot and land the plane. Thank you.
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