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  1. BryanCXGan

    Monsoon Approach Mission

    Thanks for the reply. For some reason, I always have trouble landing using ILS. There were only like 3/10 that are succesful. Sometimes as I reach the glide slope, the plane pitches up violently to about 40 degrees, increases the altitude very fast and stalls, whch is almost unrecoverable. Sometimes, the plane would go down too fast until I get a "Pull up" warning. Can someone please tell me what I did wrong. (I was pretty sure that I landed at WSSS as I followed the ILS down) Thanks.
  2. Sorry if this was posted before. I just completed the mission, the controller asks something like "Tell me if you need any assistance." Then a message pops out telling me that the mission failed. Then I checked and found that the mission wasn't completed, and there weren't any awards for this mission. Logbook: Flight date: 1/26/2006 Flight Time: 4:20 p.m. Aircraft ID: N747 Aircraft: Boeing 744 Flight Hours: Day 0.4 Night 0.0 Non-instrument 0.1 Instrument 0.2 Multi-engine 0.4 Total: 0.4 Landings: WSSS 1, WSAC 1 Total: 2