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  1. vancinad

    Anomalies Around 3MY

    Update: A poster on another forum suggested the custom weather setting, "Disable turbulence and thermal effects on aircraft". That seems to have made the problem go away. Now I'm wondering what's wrong with the area around my 3MY that's causing this...
  2. vancinad

    I'm novice in FSX

    Buying a copy of Bruce Williams' "Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator" might be a good way to get going.
  3. vancinad

    Anomalies Around 3MY

    Has anyone tried taking off and landing at Mt Hawley (3MY) near Peoria, IL? My C172 (stock) goes nuts in the vicinity of that airport. Airspeed increases uncontrollably, full forward rudder required to descend. If I give up and fly 3 min north to PIA I can land fine. Wondering if there's something strange about that airport's data or something. If someone else could try operating there and report success or failure, I'd appreciate it. Of course, anyone with ideas what to do about it would be appreciated even more! Thanks, DJV