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  1. daniels

    Cockpit panning

    Thanks DAL 1850. I run Windows 7 , checked out the thread. Checked device manager - not set to turn off to save power.
  2. daniels

    Cockpit panning

    During the cockpit prep whilst panning around (spacebar and mouse) to set up the a/craft this panning function suddenly stops working which means the end of my flight. Not sure whether I am doing something wrong. Danie Steffens
  3. daniels

    Cockpit view

    Thanks for the advice wlix261. Solved my problem
  4. daniels

    Cockpit view

    I'm not sure why I should be looking for a 2D cockpit? 3D selected in fsx. All my aircraft including other PMDG add ons open in the virtual cockpit mode. I then go to view mode > cockpit > select cockpit and the cockpit view opens up. YET the PMDG777 does not change to the cockpit view but opens as another virtual cockpit at a different downward view.
  5. daniels

    Cockpit view

    Just downloaded and installed pmdg777. When selecting this aircraft in fsx it opens in the virtual cockpit view. I then select the cockpit view but it then opens in what looks like the virtual cockpit but facing down onto the runway. Any ideas?