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  1. Volpini790

    Does windows 8.1 give any problems with pmdg products?

    if your new system its really good with the option to overclock and all what should a pc game have to work as well will be no problem wind 8 is the new one with many options then wind 7 i mean more heavy but FSX it self its a problem for all pc and win system you just need to adjust as your pc respond good luck and enjoy
  2. hi guys i am really sad i dont get any solution for this usse so i am posting here with the hope to get some one the Thing is when i fly over mountains or high altitutes there is a " Plain White Curtain " and really looks not good at all thw question is hot a put out this option Add to Post
  3. hii everyone the thing is i got the fxaa effect in window mode looks really great but when i type alt ent to get full screen the effects does not work , why that ?! and the pause key either does not make any chance help plz