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  1. trainmeister

    How to Add Addon Scenery in Windows 7!

    Thanks for all of your advice and sorry to be such a dummy, but how does one disable User Account Control in Win7?
  2. trainmeister

    How to Add Addon Scenery in Windows 7!

    Can't get it to install correctly!! Error Message: "Can't Write: C:\ProgramFiles\SceneryConfigEditor\lib64\swt-win64-4.3.0.jar" Disabled virus protection but didn't help. Any ideas?
  3. trainmeister

    How to Add Addon Scenery in Windows 7!

    HELP! I am experiencing the same problem, but following your steps has not worked. Here's what I'm doing and seeing step-by-step: 1- From FSX opening screen click "Scenery Library" button - takes me to Scenery Library screen and scenery layer hierarchy. 2- Click "Add Scenery" button which pops-up a Windows dialog box for selecting the scenery folder. 3- Within dialog box locate and select (with only single click) desired addon scenery folder. Click OK - Nothing happens. 4- Left click in white area - nothing happens 5- Try entire sequence again but do not click OK - just left click in white area - nothing happens. 6- Try everything yet again and right click in the white area - a menu pops up at the cursor arrow with some Windows task selections, but nothing FSX. As I click through the various folders to locate the scenery I wish to add, I notice that the file path field the dialog box remains blank rather than automatically filling in the file path as I go. When I reach and click on the desired addon scenery folder, it still remains blank. I tried manually entering the file path in the dialog box but still nothing. If I double click the scenery folder I'm trying to add, two sub folders, "scenery" and "texture" appear. Opening either of them shows blank dialog box screen with "No Matching Files Found" (or something close to that) message at top. I'm running FSX Acceleration with Win7 64 bit OS. No other problems with FSX. Any assistance and/or wisdom appreciated.