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  1. Hello, I have the NGX + 6/700 expansion for P3D. I have an issue when installing repaints from the .ptp files. This only occurs when more than one livery is in the .ptp file. When I select add "Click to add" and select the file I want, a dialogue box opens up and says "This file contains multiple liveries. Please select from the list below which liveries you would like to install". I click on the name and it highlights (like when you copy & paste something) then I click ok, but the livery is never installed. Am I missing something? The aircraft and variant are both red for each of the liveries. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Yep... I had both the NGX & T7 in V3.1, and I still experience a CTD. When both aircraft are not installed, P3D is fine.
  3. I have had the PMDG 777 for around 3 week, but I have a small issue with the aircraft and P3D's default ATC. Whenever ATC gives a traffic alert it leaves out "777". ex: xyz4930 traffic is........ Boeing(insert 777 here). report in sight. Is there any way I can fix this issue? It's a small issue, but it annoys me. Thanks in advance, Andy
  4. I am doing a Southwest Airlines Colorado One repaint for the the NGX, but I have some problems. (This is only my second repaint.) 1) The blue on the body looks very faded. 2) When pasting the paintwork into the fuselage night files, they arrive 3x larger than the background. I spent around a hour trying to line the paintwork up, but I couldn't. Is there any tip or trick to do this? 3)Any tips or tricks to line up the paintwork? I tried to post a picture, but something is wrong with the URL.
  5. I have been flying ins FSX since it came out, but now it's old and out dated. Currently I am looking at P3D, because it is FSX and more. I am currently in a predicament, P3D or FSX. I just recently got a new PC (64-bit, lots of RAM, ect), but FSX can't use that to its fullest potential, and I am just sick of all the issues I have been having with it now. What is holding me back is all the payware I have for FSX. I don't want to loose the $100+ I spent on making the sim as real as possible, and the biggest lose will be PMDG's aircraft. I have heard of the migration tool, but will that work with all my sceneries, aircraft, ect...(even the NGX)?... So is it worth me getting P3D? or not?
  6. Thanks, I saved without mipmaps. The textures are how I want them. When I am done I am thinking of putting the repaint on the AVSIM library.
  7. I was searching for a good CRJ-200 for awhile, and I came across the IRIS model. I search around hoping there would be a United express merger(skywest) repaint... but no there is not. So I decided to make my own. First of all I am a complete noob to repainting, and I don't know how to use photoshop that well. For the past day i have been working on the nose, but every thing comes up fuzzy in FSX. does anyone have any tips or tricks for me so I can make the best repaint that I can? Or is there any repaint out there? oops... epic fail on photos. Here they are again fuzzy fuzzy gold pinstripes don't really line up
  8. I'm not getting any BSODs specs Core I7 Nvidia Gforece 630 4g 8 gigs of RAM Windows 7 64 bit
  9. I was about 100 miles off the coast of Italy, ready to start my decent after a long flight from JFK... When Window's blue hula-hoop of death appears, then FSX crashes!!!! :mad: I can't explain my rage especially after the Italy incident. I just want to throw my computer out the window and jump up and down on it. As I am writing this I am doing a flight... I hear the sound stop, I look over, and guess what? FSX has crashed!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: Can I get any help? (I have already tried The UIcore fix). I don't think its my computer because it is fairly new, and I got it specifically for FSX and gaming.
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