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  1. Repaint Install Issue

    Hello, I have the NGX + 6/700 expansion for P3D. I have an issue when installing repaints from the .ptp files. This only occurs when more than one livery is in the .ptp file. When I select add "Click to add" and select the file I want, a dialogue box opens up and says "This file contains multiple liveries. Please select from the list below which liveries you would like to install". I click on the name and it highlights (like when you copy & paste something) then I click ok, but the livery is never installed. Am I missing something? The aircraft and variant are both red for each of the liveries. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. MSVCR120.dll CTD with P3D V3

    Yep... I had both the NGX & T7 in V3.1, and I still experience a CTD. When both aircraft are not installed, P3D is fine.