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  1. FSXFilm3012

    Laptop for FSX?

    I have: -i7 4700HQ @3.4Ghz -16GB DDR3 -GTX 770M 3GB GDDR5 -256GB SSD -1TB HDD -17 inch 1920x1080 Addons: -PMDG 737NGX -AEROSOFT A320 -MAJESTIC Q400 -CARENADO C90 Scenery: -FSDT KLAX -TAXI2GATE KMCO -LATINVFR KMIA V2 -Couples of UK2000 Airports -Tropicalsim Scenery Others: -GSX -ASNEXT -ORBX GLOBAL + VECTOR -REX ES OD -SHADE -ENB SERIES TWEAKED FSX CFG follow kostafs guide Im getting solid 30fps locked in lots of situation in vc in 737ngx..lower i get is 20fps with some heavy wheather and 50% GAiT traffic Max_Texture_Load=2048
  2. FSXFilm3012

    FSX on MSI GT70

    N101PA and with anti aliasing turn on ? With tweaks applied? I just wont atleast 25-30fps
  3. FSXFilm3012

    Wich GPU for fsx?

    Thanks Paul.. i'll go with the GTX 770 2gb
  4. So guys its finally the time to build a new computer for fsx.. the specs are: i5 4670k ( oc to 4.5ghz) Cooler master seidon 120M MSi Z87-GD65 8GB RAM 1600MHZ 1TB 7200RPM HDD ASUS DVD BURNER CORSAIR TX 750 NZXT 220 here is where I'm confused GTX 760 OR GTX 770 if it going to make a big difference.. in terms of fps? monitor I'm going to use is a single 24inch 1080p 2ms probably im gonna try as well DX10+fixer Adoons im going to install is: REX4 TEXTURE PMDG 737NGX PMDG 777 CARENADO C90 CARENADO C182 HD QW 757 OPUS FSX OR AS2012 FOR WEATHER ENGINE F1 BN2 AEROSOFT AIRBUS X EXTENDED
  5. FSXFilm3012

    FSX on MSI GT70

    Hi Guys, how about an MSI GT70 for fsx.. specs are: I7 4700MQ 3.4GHZ 8GB 1600 RAM NVIDIA GTX 770M 3GB 1TB HDD WINDOWS 8 64-BIT (downgrade to w7) 17.3 INCH FULL HD 1920 x 1080 Addons that i use: REX OD, ASN, SHADE, ENB, PMDG 737NGX, PMDG T7, ICE TRAFFIC