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  1. gmcc

    Widescreen monitor

    The one I just purchased that works as I noted in my message is an Acer H226HQL bid 21.5-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. And because I don't know if all NVidia cards will have the same effect on the monitor, my card is an older GeForce 7300 GS.
  2. gmcc

    Widescreen monitor

    I know this thread is a bit old now but I've been a reader of this forum for quite a long time and I signed up for an accout today just to share a small discovery I made. I too just purchased a wide screen monitor and was presented with the stretched out version of FU3. I know this will be pretty specific to my hardware I wanted to post it in case it might help someone else. My NVidia video card has both a VGA and an HDMI output and my monitor has both types of inputs. I found that if I used the VGA in/out then the monitor could be set to a 3 x 4 ratio and the monitor (I guess) will do that ratio and place it in the center of the screen with black bars on the sides which works perfectly for FU3. I used 1280 X 1024 although 1024 X 768 works just as well. So I now have both the VGA and HDMI in/out connected and I can use the NVidia control panel to select which monitor I want to use (even though it's the same physical monitor) and each remembers its own settings. I found a command line to make the switch which is NVidia specific. So in case you haven't tried this and have the hardware to do so, it might be worth a shot.