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  1. leticiamayte

    Help with DirectX 9.0

    But not here! Dont count it in my paste. I was thinking of testing something. I'm already wanting to fly and i cant D:
  2. leticiamayte

    Help with DirectX 9.0

    Dude, I dont know. Here is not working. have you the file "FS9.CFG" to pass me, please?
  3. leticiamayte

    Help with DirectX 9.0

    Look, here is showing. Dontt know much already and tried to understand. If I delete and update again? What do you suggest? No, I was running it without add-on, no aircraft, scenery, nothing! Then, when I started researching to invest in it, it appeared.
  4. leticiamayte

    Help with DirectX 9.0

    Unsuccessfully! But thanks.
  5. leticiamayte

    Help with DirectX 9.0

    Hi guys!!! I simulate too much with FS2004 and a few days ago began to appear a warning of DirectX (image). I already tried several ways to solve but I cant do this. Tried to install again, update the DirectX 9.0, already tried searching the file "fs9.clg" but disappeared from the folder. All without success. I dont understand about it because it never came to happen to me. Dont know if i cant think like boys or have something wrong. I just need your help. Thanks!