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  1. BigC208

    Your Instruments on second computer

    I have an Emuteq 530 controlling the rxp530. I moved the entire X Plane window, including the rxp530, to the Emuteq 530. Enlarged the rxp530 to the point where it covers the entire monitor. Map the Emuteq buttons and rotaries in X-Plane. Runs on it's own dedicated instrument panel computer that is networked to the main computer. There's a small menu bar on top of the monitor but I can live with that. When X-Plane 11 is released we should be able to just move the gps into the Emuteq.
  2. BigC208

    Removing the 430 bezel

    Never mind, found it. Changed the line in the ini file from nobezel = false to nobezel = true
  3. BigC208

    Removing the 430 bezel

    How does it work? (removing the bezel)
  4. BigC208

    Removing the 430 bezel

    Jean Luc, can you remove the bezel in GNS530v2? Doing it the way Bert is advising but removing the bezel would be even better in X Plane10.
  5. BigC208

    Emuteq GNS530 support

    I figured it out. No hardware driver needed for XPlane. There's a custom setup page for the RXP software. The Emuteq GNS hardware is seen as a joystick and can be programmed.
  6. BigC208

    Emuteq GNS530 support

    I was wondering if there is support for the Emuteq GNS530 hardware. I bought the $99 hardware driver but X-Plane 9 and 10 don't recognise the Emuteq hardware. When I program the Emuteq GNS530 in X-Plane as a joystick it set's up the 530 that comes with X-Plane not the RXP530.
  7. BigC208

    Emuteq GNS530 support

    JP, I might be doing something wrong. When I program the GNS530 in X-Plane 9 or 10 it works with the default 530 that comes with X-Plane. I thought if I got the hardware driver X-Plane would recognise the Emuteq 530 but it does not.
  8. BigC208

    Emuteq GNS530 support

    Will it be compatible with the Emuteq 530? I got the hardware driver but it won't work in X-Plane 9 or 10. Looking forward to the new version. Using Simavio for now with the Emuteq but that looks atrocious and is slow compared to the RXP 530 software. Good to see you're back JP.