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  1. Hi all my FSX works fine but this happens: before or during my flight I select in the otions' the virtual cockpit with high resolution', I do my flight and then I close fsx. When i run again fsx instead of the aircraft I see a black screen. Trying to load the flight, black screen again. Every time i have to rewrite cfg file wiyh my backup copy to let fsx run again. Don't know why this issue thanks to anyone can help
  2. yes, unchecking moving jetways an adjusting some settings in UT2 thinghs seems to go better. Now i fly with 60fps with payware AC like Captain Sim. In major airports like KJFK 25-30 fps. I think moving jetways was the major problem, thanks
  3. Yes, running at 35-40 fps it's great for me, my fsx graphics are set to middle power but it's ok. Just curious why without UT2 the difference is so high (50fps or more)
  4. Hi all i did some tests and i have about 90 fps in cockpit, but when i run UT2 fps drop down to 35-40. I know AI is ever hungry but it seems a very large amount of fps loss. Is this normal or i need some settings to limit this fps kill? Thanks
  5. so if I understand correctly, if i do not touch any slider or setting in FSX I should not have this issue again, right? I checked my cfg file and i noticed that it has no changed; MLT remains at 1024. I will do some tests, thanks for help
  6. Hi all happens to me this strange problem. It seems that the cfg file does not save the settings max load textures. After several hours of flight happens what you see in the screenshot and to put things back to normal I have to reinstall the textures of AS2012. Reinstalling the textures AS2012 tells me that the cfg file is set to baseline levels. It 's very annoying having to reinstall the textures every week but I do not know how to fix it (assuming that the two things are connected) Thanks for the help
  7. all time, textures seems corrupted after several hours of flight. If i reinstall them, issue disappear. After 20-30 hours of flight issue come back and i have to reinstall them again
  8. Hi i have this problem..see screenshot. I had Vista 32 with Geforce GS9500. Now i changed machine and i run win7-64 with Ati radeon 9550 but issue remains. it seems a problem with fog or haze. I had REX textures, i tried AS2012 and issue disappeared for about 8-10 flights but now the problem is still there. I really don't know how to solve it Thanks for help
  9. Hi JIm, the file have no readme so i went to the web site where i downloaded: Boeing 737-200 multilivery ,author: Vistaliner Sean van der Burg. panel converted to fsx.
  10. Hi all i have a strange problem with a freeware AC, boeing 737-200. Airplane works fine, all the things works fine, i have 30 fps into cockpit, but when desingage AP i hear the sound ( default sound i guess) of desingage and FSX freeze and then crash to desktop. I had a look in the win7 registry and i see that error is caused by a dll in 'gauges' folder. If i delete this dll half panel of the aircraft obviously disappear. Someone have an idea to solve that? Thanks for help!
  11. Good to know, i have ATI as well, so now i know what to do in case
  12. hi Paul thanks for reply. I wanted to do a couple of flights before answer you. Deleting cfg file had no results, so i re-installed FSX ( i'm lucky because is a fresh installation without addons or aircrafts) and now seems to work correctly. Don't know why but i will not touch anything. Still remains another problem, when several clicks of mouse sometimes fsx crashes ( non ever, few times)
  13. Hi all sorry, english is not my language, i try to search something about my problem in my language but i didn't find it. I have a new pc, win7 64 bit installed, and radeon 7750 installed. I have already fsx accelleration pack installed but it runs only with dx10 enabled. When i try to disable and run again FSX in dx9 mode i have a black screen or after 2 or 3 click of mouse FSX crashes to desktop. Anyone knows how can i do? Thanks
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