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  1. jmiedzinski

    Fatal Error with igdumdim32.dll

    I'm running FSX in windowed mode and as far as I understand the principals of windowed mode it should be possible to undock instrument panel and drag it onto secondary display. On the other hand I tried to do the same with small screen connected to second 7950 (they can't be crossfired in that case) and got similar CDT but related to ati driver. So, maybe it's impossible even in windowed mode no matter what graphics card I'm using ? I will try to ask video card forum as You suggested. Kind Regards, Jeremy.
  2. jmiedzinski

    Fatal Error with igdumdim32.dll

    Hi All, I would like to bump this topic as I'm suffering from similar but not the same problem related to igdumdim32.dll. I'm running FSX on Win7 Pro x64, DX10 preview, windowed mode. During many days of testing I managed to get stable simulation with good fps. I've got 2xRadeon7950 crossfired. My setup is multi monitor with 2 x 22" Dell running eyefinity display group. Now, my system is also equipped with internal GPU which is Intel HD 4000 series. I'm using it to run small 9' display for instruments. CDT occurs only when I'm trying to drag undocked instrument window onto this small screen controlled by Intel HD 4000. It is 100% recurrent problem. My intel driver is updated to latest version. Previous version suffered the same problem. Any ideas ? I'm flying with standalone instruments (testing different frameworks, currently gaugebook) but it would be nice to have some nice GA gauges like realityxp. I need to solve this problem before I spend money on realityxp stuff. Many thanks in advance.