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  1. socili

    stereo voice.

    I will make a drawing or we can talk over skype B)
  2. socili

    stereo voice.

    Would it be possible to hear the co-pilots voice also on the left speaker/headphone?
  3. socili

    stereo voice.

    like the captain on this video probably for the same reason ;-)
  4. socili

    stereo voice.

    i just cover one ear with the headset so i got one ear free to talk to my "flight attendant" or the PC-speaker on which i have the avionics and enginge sounds. And since the microphone is attached to the left headset speaker, i move the right headset speaker behind my ear on witch the FO normaly talks.
  5. socili

    stereo voice.

    Hi I have the following sound config: FS2Crew and VATSIM on the Headset, sim sound and teamspeak on the speaker. To hear the speaker, i put my right speaker behind my ear, but my copilot talks only on the right one, so at the moment i must increase the volume or put it half over my ear. It would be nice to change from stereo to mono. Would that be possible? :-)
  6. socili

    reverse green

    i have problems with my button assignmends since i want to performe an "idle reverse" and that seems to be hard to accomplish because i use macros on my joystik.
  7. socili

    reverse green

    Hi After touch down the PNF calls "spoilers, decel, reverse green". bud i have at the moment problems to engage the reversers, so even when can't deploy them, the PNF tells me that i activatet the reverse.
  8. Hi Just an idea to change the wording to set com1. I would prefer the wording "set 123.45 on com1" should set the standby (as in real) and "set 123.45 on active com1" for the cheat, sinse you only can manipulate the standby frequency.