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  1. socili

    stereo voice.

    I will make a drawing or we can talk over skype B)
  2. socili

    stereo voice.

    Would it be possible to hear the co-pilots voice also on the left speaker/headphone?
  3. socili

    stereo voice.

    like the captain on this video probably for the same reason ;-)
  4. socili

    stereo voice.

    i just cover one ear with the headset so i got one ear free to talk to my "flight attendant" or the PC-speaker on which i have the avionics and enginge sounds. And since the microphone is attached to the left headset speaker, i move the right headset speaker behind my ear on witch the FO normaly talks.
  5. socili

    stereo voice.

    Hi I have the following sound config: FS2Crew and VATSIM on the Headset, sim sound and teamspeak on the speaker. To hear the speaker, i put my right speaker behind my ear, but my copilot talks only on the right one, so at the moment i must increase the volume or put it half over my ear. It would be nice to change from stereo to mono. Would that be possible? :-)
  6. socili

    reverse green

    i have problems with my button assignmends since i want to performe an "idle reverse" and that seems to be hard to accomplish because i use macros on my joystik.
  7. socili

    reverse green

    Hi After touch down the PNF calls "spoilers, decel, reverse green". bud i have at the moment problems to engage the reversers, so even when can't deploy them, the PNF tells me that i activatet the reverse.