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  1. paul_777

    777LR saved as Default Flight - FSX crashes every time

    Robin, Thanks for the tip about starting from a .fssave file. FSX problems fully understood. cheers Paul
  2. paul_777

    RAAS won't disable Bug

    After testing I concluded that the MASTER control for RAAS is within the FMC - basically on or off. (PMDG Setup-Aircraft-Equipment-Page5-RAAS Installed) The FSX menu Add-Ons | RAAS Professional dialog only allows some settings to be changed, which leads to confusion for a novice (me). Although it has an on/off setting that is soon overridden by the FMC on/off setting after about 30 seconds. The volume can be max or min but its also reset to a reasonable 40% level. The Extended Hold times have a permanent effect; as for the remaining I haven't taken her for a flight yet. Obviously its great to have the "entry level" RAAS bundled with the 777. -Paul
  3. paul_777

    777LR saved as Default Flight - FSX crashes every time

    Avantime, Many thanks - yes i did read the Intro but missed that part. I had not realized that we have to tip-toe around the FSX bugs. For the benefit of everyone else do NOT save the 777 in your Default Flight because there is bug in FSX that the PMDG developers cannot fix. cheers Paul
  4. paul_777

    RAAS won't disable Bug

    Thank you everyone for replying so quickly - what a great forum this is! Bryan - thanks for the tip, I'll try it later (FSX is crashing repeatedly at the moment :() Robin - yes I tried all the combinations of profile saving I could think of (I'm a software developer by day and had similar suspicions about the profiles). I can check the settings every 5 seconds and the RAAS dialog settings shows it is off. But after about 30 seconds the RAAS dialog is magically on - so something in the software is definitely enabling it behinds the scenes. Searching around many people have problems with RAAS audio not working so perhaps the PMDG developers give it a kick start every ~30 seconds to reset and clear audio problems (just a theory). I did also wonder if the "free" version perhaps has very limited options - e.g. you can only turn it on/off in the FMC. However changing the intervals to 300 seconds did work. 'Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice. Steven - yes its bad form to read the Crew Operations Manual at the end of a runway - would probably lose a stripe or two. :lol: Wiliam - that's an interesting workaround. I think I will plod on with finding the "correct" solution; PMDG will want to resolve it. cheers Paul
  5. Installed FSX SP2 just before installing PMDG 777 (1.00.5376) yesterday on an Intel Core Quad, 64-bit Win 7, 6MB, nVidia 1GB. So its a relatively clean FSX. Switching from default 737 to PMDG 777 it started ok - counting down from 18 etc.. Saved the PMDG 777 in the default flight - it fails to initialise from Fly Now, cockpit stays cold and dark, when mouse hovers over an instrument window FSX crashes every time. Also after restarting FSX switching to another plane crashes FSX every time. Has anyone saved the 777 in the default flight? I'm a software developer by day and I suspect the PMDG_Interface.dll is not getting loaded/initialised correctly because of the alternate start up method caused by the Default Flight. regards Paul
  6. paul_777

    RAAS won't disable Bug

    Just bought the PMDG 777 and installed it tonight, but.... RAAS cannot be disabled. I selected it from the FSX Add-Ins menu, set Master Volume to zero and set the Master Switch OFF. This state is maintained for about 30 seconds...then it resets back to On at normal volume. So I get this really annoying repeated message "On Runway 27 Right" which is driving me nuts, when I'm just trying to look around the cockpit. Also if I disable "On Runway" it has no effect....I still hear that annoying woman! I searched through the Introduction PDF and there are no instructions about RAAS, also nothing in the FMC to disable it. regards Paul