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  1. eaglemike3005

    New to FSX

    Thanks for your reply best get the wallet out...
  2. eaglemike3005

    New to FSX

    Hi all, My love of aviation has meant that I have finally made the plunge into the world of fsx (i'm not sure my wife or kids fully understand the consequences of this yet). Having owned fsx acceleration for a few days now I have started my long journey of learning. The main area I really need help with is addons especially scenery and AI traffic as these are the areas I wish to improve first I have a high spec pc so no worries with regards to running. I have done some serious research and watched loads of youtube videos etc but find myself more confused than I was before due to the amount available. To start with I would like to make the U.K as realistic as possible, I have paticularly being looking at FTX global, now my main query here is if I buy that does that then make the FTX england defunct or are they designed to work together and 2 totally different things? Likewise with the UK2000 airports will that run alongside FTX? and are these products the ones to go for? Apologies if these queries seem stupid i'm sure I will make my way through the minefield eventually. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike