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  1. Hello Keven I just sent the report file your way. I happen to have sent the wrong forum post though with the email, that's my bad. I haven't had a good nights sleep. I sent another email straight after with the same subject that has the correct forum post, I hope this doesnt cause any issues. Thank you!
  2. Hello Thanks for answering. yes i have. It didnt fix anything.
  3. Hello! I have always been using my old xbox 360 controller for my camera since i purchased chaseplane, and it has ever since worked completely fine. Although quite recently I started to notice that it had begun to do the opposite. I was on the experimental version since the non experimental isnt fully compatible with 4.2 as far as I know, there was some kind of an update done to the experimental version which made it so whenever i changed view with the controller, the angle would be 100% correct but it would zoom out as far as possible, so everytime i change views i have to reset it back to how its meant to be. And not only that, when scrolling through the views it won't scroll from top to bottom, it will instead do something like view 8, to 5, to 7, to 3 etc. Sometimes I'll have to press the change view button twice since it will just change it from view 8, to view 8. The controller itself works completely fine with other games, and it also works fine on the non experimental version. There it works as intended, although as I said before, the zoom is janky since it isn't compatible for v4.2. I have tried some minor stuff like switching from non experimental to experimental, running VFX central. I have no clue how to approach this issue and I'm therefore here asking for help. Cheers!
  4. Consider my issue solved I did a bunch of things so I cant tell what fixed it. I reinstalled simconnect files, I reinstalled microsoft 2005, 2010, and 2013 drivers both x64 and x86. I ran "Delete generated files" from p3d root folder, I also updated FSUIPC to a different version, 5.124. Thank you!
  5. Hey! Recently I’ve started to experience an issue where SODE, addon Manager and also GSX simply won’t open their menus. I also noticed how chaseplane wouldn’t respond to any input after a few seconds in the sim. I would be able to control the camera fine, and the menus would work fine, for a couple of seconds. Then chaseplane would freeze completely (as in I couldn’t move my camera) and the menus would stop working. I’ve been able to narrow it down to chaseplane being the issue, I turned off auto launch and everything worked as intended, launching chaseplane after loading in the simulator worked as intended as well. This issue started today, I have installed all simconnect versions from “redist” folder, I have tried both the experimental and stable versions of chaseplane as well. I have also tried running vfx Center just so it would check if everything was installed correctly (which it was). Basically, chaseplane doesn’t work on autolaunch, it prevents other third party addons to work. Thank you!
  6. Their servers are just under load, multiple people are having the same issue
  7. I have found the problem being active sky somehow messing up a bunch of my addons in ways that doesnt make any sense, IF launched before P3D. It works fine if you launch it after entering a plane.
  8. I just sent it your way! Thank you
  9. Hey. I bought chaseplane a good couple of months ago, and I’m quite happy with it. Although since today it’s gone downhill. Basically, I am not able to switch to an outside view whatsoever, I’ve tried doing so through an assigned key that I have always used, and used to work fine before. And also through the chaseplane window itself by clicking one of the outside views on my preset. It refuses to change. I have restarted my pc, ran vfx center, installed exp update. It doesn’t work. i have no clue what to do to solve my issue, seems like quite a weird one. I may also add that a lot of other stuff in my simulator is broken, I don’t know if this would affect chaseplane in anyway, but my FSUIPC won’t open its menu, the same goes for add on manager and GSX. Thanks !
  10. Hi! I just bought pmdg 747-400 but the thing who maked me sad was that the screens works in a few seconds. They show up and then all screens is black. This is only for the passenger models. Boeing 747-400F works perfect. Please help me with my problem guys. I would love to fly in a awesome passenger aircraft. Thank you!
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