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  1. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Their servers are just under load, multiple people are having the same issue
  2. I have found the problem being active sky somehow messing up a bunch of my addons in ways that doesnt make any sense, IF launched before P3D. It works fine if you launch it after entering a plane.
  3. I just sent it your way! Thank you
  4. Hey. I bought chaseplane a good couple of months ago, and I’m quite happy with it. Although since today it’s gone downhill. Basically, I am not able to switch to an outside view whatsoever, I’ve tried doing so through an assigned key that I have always used, and used to work fine before. And also through the chaseplane window itself by clicking one of the outside views on my preset. It refuses to change. I have restarted my pc, ran vfx center, installed exp update. It doesn’t work. i have no clue what to do to solve my issue, seems like quite a weird one. I may also add that a lot of other stuff in my simulator is broken, I don’t know if this would affect chaseplane in anyway, but my FSUIPC won’t open its menu, the same goes for add on manager and GSX. Thanks !