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  1. Hefermehl

    How do I get my B777 in flying?

    Hello My problems are definitely solved. It was the wrong drivers installed for the joystick. Have been a couple of test flights carried out and it's incredibly fun. A truly brilliant product! Many Thanks Christian Hefermehl
  2. Hefermehl

    How do I get my B777 in flying?

    Hey experts Since I had never thought of it in life. Following your advice I once looked at the joystick configuration. And I've found that no driver software was installed. Thus, the joystick was simply wildly inputs given, just as it suited him. Now I have installed the very latest drivers. Now we will again perform various tests. After that I will again verifiable reports. Thank you very much greeting Christian Hefermehl
  3. Hefermehl

    How do I get my B777 in flying?

    Ladies and Gentlemen For many days now I'm trying to get my PMDG 777 to fly. But unfortunately without success. There is always new problems arise. During each flight attempt, I have some disturbance or a problem that I can not fix. Have not yet succeeded me to make a flight from A to B. The problems are as follows: 1) When starting the engine Cation Warning, which I then can not delete sounds. (I know that's a bug). But then the autopilot is no longer. With great skill and patience I manage after repeated loading of the new flight to get the engines to run. 2) When I am before the start of the runway, FMC and have set all the parameters according to Manual, the Flight Director activated, press and dan on T / O, nothing happens. No Autotrottle, no pushing, no nothing happens. Although we hear that the thrust control starts briefly but immediately goes back to idle. Even after manually start the autopilot does not work. I can select what I want, it's nothing. 3) Can I do it once, and stand out with the autopilot to rise, that is when the next problem. Had the flight, suddenly the Cabin Altitude alarm sounds and the middle display a cabin pressure alarm is displayed in red. Although Overhadpanel everything is set to automatic. The autopilot will then no longer works well. Where does this error only? 4) Have I done it yet times to cruise, I get the next problem. The autopilot stops working completely. It just does not work anymore, but all the switches in the MCP and lights are still on. But nothing else happens. It is then only possible to fly a manual. I've read all the manuals and nights long viewed tutorials. But I find nothing that would help me. Also in the FMC setup no problems and incidents are programmed. In FSX I have also disabled all incidents. Actually likely interference will not occur at all. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled everything (as administrator). Even in safe mode I have already tried has brought nothing. Where is the mistake? I simply want to complete a flight without faults and problems. The price for this addon is very high, as one would like to know that it works. Please help me so that I can have fun with this product. Please excuse my English, because I write with a translator. Regards and thanks Christian