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  1. @Es125So what was it you did wrong ? Would be nice to know if someone is having the same issue.
  2. I too have been using FS a lot through the years. I guess we all have. I am now running Xplane 11 with the Zibo 737-800 mod. I run Pilot2ATC on an additional monitor with the Stick and Rudder "ATC chatter" add-on. I then run the FMC in the Zibo 737-800 mod, using an iPad ("AirFMC" app from Haversine) I think this setup is really convincing when it comes to reality, and it is not overall expensive. greetings TF
  3. After uninstall, reboot and reinstall the program seems to work now. I now have the text phrases. ;0) I haven't flown a complete leg yet, but i think it works now. This issue was likely caused by installation of P2A X64 V2.4 (which I could not run on my 32 bit Win10.
  4. I am sitting with the sim (Xplane 11.10) now. Location at KBOS. 1.Green is highlighted for connection to the sim. 2. Power indicator is green. I have pressed "Validate" and "File" - both are marked green. 3. While being on ATIS (135.00), the pulldown menus are empty which makes sense. Changing to KBOS ClrDel (121.65), now ATCchatter starts and speech assistant pulldown menus "Request" and "Clearance" appear. Below in the "Phrase" box, no text is displayed. At this stage I normally have phrases available like "SK445 ready to copy IFR clearance".which I could use with the "Say it" command. If I change radios to Gnd (121.75) ATCchatter follows and the rightside pulldown menu change to "Pushback" but still, no ATC phrases to select in the box below. I will try to do a complete uninstall, reboot and install V2.3.1.2 again, to see if that makes any difference. After the uninstall, I can see that a folder remains called "Grammars". It holds a file "P2AGrmr_log.ldf". I will not delete it in case you like to investigate it.. I will update you how things go after rebboting and reinstalling P2A. /Carsten
  5. I seem to have a similar problem. I also have the "Show In-Line Grammar Help" option checked. I am running P2A Being a newbie I have only used P2A by clicking on the suggestions and then click "Say It". Now I don't see the suggestions no more. I have tried to change frequency to another controller but no luck doing that. Still no suggestions. My system used to work fine but not after I tried to upgrade to the newest 2.4 version and it did install. When I tried to execute the exe-file I got a prompt that the new version was not compatible with my system (my laptop is running 32 bit Win10, my bad ofcourse..). I don't know if installing the new version have done anything to the 32 bit installation. The two installations is installed in separate folders. Best regards Carsten
  6. I think I found the solution to the volume problem I have had. At least now the problem is gone. All volume levels are at the set level at all times : Go to "Control panel", Access "Sound" and select the tap "Speakers". Within this tap go to Speaker Properties. Remove tickmark from "Allow applications to take exclusive cotrol of this device". Problem solved ;0) Best regards Carsten (Denmark)
  7. I found that it is only the voice of "Pilot" which is lowered in volume. All other voices (ATC Chatter and controllers are at 100% volume. Edit: Note that as a new user of P2A, I let the ATC be handled by the co-pilot (P2A). Next step is of course to speak the ATC. /Carsten
  8. Hi Dave. Thank you for your quick reply. I did what was suggested in the article you linked to and it almost solved the issue. At least now the volume does not get decreased to a 10% level but to around 80%. That is a great improvement so thanks a lot for you help. i must say that Pilot2ATC really expands the simulation of X-plane 11. I use it with the 737 zibo mod and the FMOD by Audiobird. This is "as real as it gets"... ;0) Best regards Carsten (Denmark)
  9. Cheers all. I am having an annoying issue regarding sound volume for P2ATC. When flying the volume mixer (Win10) then periodically is lowering volume for Pilt2ATC to about 10%. It is real annoying not only to miss the ATC instruction, but I also have to call up the volume mixer to raise the volume slider to 100%. I am using Pilot2ATC with Xplane 11.05 while flying the Zibo B737 mod. Does anyone know what is causing this ? Regards Carsten (Denmark)
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