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  1. Do you all know the book called"Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilot Real World Training" ? This book help for me to get going from basics to airline all the way?
  2. Really thanks to you all, I finally have my own decision to get going from basics first, i don't even complicated while i learned for, do you know that which book and documentation should i read first?
  3. BUt i have just seen one book called' Microsoft flight simulator X for pilots: Real World training' do you know this book? I have no idea about this book, can you explain me what is this book teaching exeactly?
  4. Thanks in advance people who are advice me and make me know the truly
  5. because i'm from singapore and don't know spain langauge,i'm sorry ,do you have similar like this one ? starts from the very basics one? make sure its english version
  6. i have received many suggestions. i'm decided to start from zero. thank you so much
  7. Ok. I think i will start from zero first.really thanks . do you have any advice?
  8. Airlines doesn't have to teach you basic?
  9. its really works for me . I will just follow law by law . is it NDB ,ILS ,IFR all are start from basic? means that start from single prop aircraft?
  10. I'm really appreciate what you are said that . it works. i also think too it will even complicated . because lack of basic knowledge . so would like to ask you where should i start actually? and what documentation should i start to read?
  11. OK. i just have a look first ray. by the way thanks in advance first
  12. Sounds great. But I think I won't go through any missions on fsx. I only just want to pratice my skills in airline order for future study in my ATPL. Thanks for your provided me. but it's really good one FSXGENIUS? By the way, which one you are going first?
  13. I have don't know much about aviator but in the future I will study ATPL only. work as airline. so I just considering to fly airline only. to be a master in airline. my reason is just wanna fly an airline in fsx to pratice my skills in the future
  14. Sounds great. but from your mean ground school in FSX is Learning Center there? Can I straight away to start to learn airline. because i don't like to fly any small aircraft and i think i will get ATPL only in the future .work as airline
  15. Hello everyone, I would like to know that where do i start from fsx? But i have no idea what documentation should i read, any suggestion for that? But i like airline only though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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