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  1. Holle25

    P3d Multi Monitor Problem

    Many thanks
  2. Hello community, I have a question, have 3 monitors for the P3d V4. If I pull the picture on three monitors, it works well, but the problem is that I see the bottom of the taskbar and the top of the border, there is a program that makes these edges disappear. Many Thanks
  3. Holle25

    P3d blurries

    One proplem is solved, i have massive Fluctuations in the FPS. The system has a PC can not bear to 4.6. Only the reloading of textures, works, still not.
  4. Holle25

    P3d blurries

    The shader cache folder delete i when i start p3d everytime. But thank you for the answer.
  5. Holle25

    P3d blurries

    Hello and thank you first, I have no affinity mask entry in the CFG and really needs to be a new installation? I changed from the gtx 750ti on the GTX 970 and had already at the 750 ti the problems.
  6. Holle25

    P3d blurries

    Hello there, I have a problem. And when I go into the Wingview, it takes up the ground textures reload always 2-3 seconds. From about 2000 ft altitude 3-5 seconds. Settings in p3d ca on medium. Does anyone know a solution for this? Specs Gigabyte Z97 motherboard i7 4790k 4,6ghz Geforce 970 4GB 16 GB of RAM Thank you