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  1. Hi guys, just bought another beautiful Carenado Aircraft, and the Carenado Team never fails to amaze me. How can a Team of obviously talented designers come up with such a nice Airframe, Lighting and Animations, but always disappoint when it comes to avionics? I mean really Carenado? TWO Transponders, but no DME? Are you f*$%ing kidding me? Then as usual I only get the darn moving card ADF - I expected as much, but the ADF is not working at all. I get the clickspots, but can't change frequencies... Last but not least: RXP. I have only the RXP430, and I was initially pleased that Carenado had .exe's prepared that allow the installation of every rxp combination possible. But now I only have 1 COM/NAV Frequency. Both GPS, the "Carenado"/default GNS530 and the RXP430 both tune the same (NAV1/COM1) Radio! While the PA46 was not overly expensive, I would have expected full IFR capability - as I have in the reallife Mirage.