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  1. Hi guys, just bought another beautiful Carenado Aircraft, and the Carenado Team never fails to amaze me. How can a Team of obviously talented designers come up with such a nice Airframe, Lighting and Animations, but always disappoint when it comes to avionics? I mean really Carenado? TWO Transponders, but no DME? Are you f*$%ing kidding me? Then as usual I only get the darn moving card ADF - I expected as much, but the ADF is not working at all. I get the clickspots, but can't change frequencies... Last but not least: RXP. I have only the RXP430, and I was initially pleased that Carenado had .exe's prepared that allow the installation of every rxp combination possible. But now I only have 1 COM/NAV Frequency. Both GPS, the "Carenado"/default GNS530 and the RXP430 both tune the same (NAV1/COM1) Radio! While the PA46 was not overly expensive, I would have expected full IFR capability - as I have in the reallife Mirage.
  2. Hi guys, I got a problem with my FSX installation. I really like the possibility to look at the flight analysis and check after a flight how good I tracked the radials and so on. Somehow its no longer working. When I open the page the small Aircraft symbol is moving along the flown path, but it is not "drawing" the little Line anymore. While that may seem strange enough, the line is still being drawn on the "vertical map" below the regular map. I can see if I held my altitude correctly, but I cant see if I tracked a course right. Is this error known? Are there other programs I can use to debrief myself in a similar fashion? I know some logging programs that display the value as numbers, but that doesn't help me much. I want to see how I did overall on the flight and it doesn't matter to me if I lost 23.56ft when leveling off.
  3. Thank you for your replies! Bert, your photos really piqued my interest! You seem to have replaced the entire avionics! I don't have the RealAir Scout, so I don't know anything about that plane. How is the functionality of the ADF radio in the Seneca? I assume the Scouts ADF behaves just like the Duke's or Lancair's? ( Elapsed Time and Flight Time?). You also replaced the HSI and the AI in your aircraft - those two instruments bug me the most - are those also the RXP gauges? How did you integrate the reality xp 430/530? Right now I only have the 430, is it possible to only add the 430 into the panel? Also, where can i get that sweet GMA 340? edit: @ ttocs: I completely agree! Its so frustating trying to find the right spot where to click, and it seems to only work in one direction - so after finally finding the spot you click one time to many and have to start over! Especially if you are coping with a high workload situation its so annoying that the simple act of changing a frequency turns out to be the most time-consuming problem.
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought the Carenado Seneca II, and overall I am quite happy with my purchase. Unfortunately the Seneca does not come with an RMI. As was discussed in other topics on this forum I tried to replace the ADF Gauge with the basic RMI from the stock Baron. Now I also am flying the RealAir Duke, and their gauges are second to none. I would love to replace the Carenado ADF Gauge with the Realair RMI, but I have no Idea on how to accomplish that. Also: Is it possible to switch the ADF Radio out for another Radio? Again the ADF Radio in the Realair Duke is really working just like the real Thing! I need to fly the Seneca for training purposes, but I really enjoy flying NDB approaches - with an RMI that is. Basically I want the functionality of the RealAir RMI, and the RealAir ADF Radio in the Carenado Seneca. An Alternative would be to buy the Reality XP Gauges, but I would prefer not to do that. Has anyone tried replacing Carenado Gauges with RealityXP gauges?
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