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  1. Hi. Thanks for the posts, I tried unfeathering with the Power levers in full reverse and the right engine started first time, so hopefully it was the start locks. Thanks Ben Rudder
  2. Hi. This might have come up before, but I am having problems starting the right engine. I have read the start-up guide, but can't find solution. I start the left engine fine, but when I repeat for right engine, the engine turns, never overheats just keeps turning without firing up. I do it the same as left engine. Both avionics masters off, booster fuel pumps on both generators off, right engine feathered using switch and checked externally, all anti ice off. Any suggestions? Thanks Ben Rudder
  3. Thanks for all your posts. Yeah I was starting rc too early before fsx was fully loaded. What an amazing increase in realism from default ATC. Great product! Ben
  4. Hi. I recently bought Radar contact, and I just can't get it to work. When I first tried it I had the error message looking for file msstdfmt.dll. I read solution and fixed it using the command prompt. Next I had the error 75 thing which I fixed running as administrator. Now I have a flight plan set up, fsx set up, start radar contact and click fly now. The Fsuipc window appears in the cockpit view with the next waypoint and the two options to tune weather and tune to ground clearance, and when I press the keys ctrl shift and 1,2 or 3 nothing happens. I have set the keyboard controls to this within radar contact. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Specs Windows 7 I7 processor FSX Tried using MS default aircraft and PMDG 737/ 777 No Weather add ins Mcaffee security scan firewall Regards Ben