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  1. kc9cqr

    Firefighter X Multiplayer Frame Rates

    Thanks for the help. He wasn't running as an admin. Once we tried that things started running smoothly.
  2. kc9cqr

    Firefighter X Multiplayer Frame Rates

    Thanks for the reply. We can both run the program fine in single player. We are going to try loading into a default plane and see how that works. Could this be an issue with me being on FSX and him on P3dv4.3?
  3. I've sucessfully flown with a few different people using the multiplayer feature. A couple nights ago I was trying to fly with a friend of mine. As soon as he entered the session his frame rates dropped from 30fps to 3-4 fps. If I stopped broadcasting my plane they jumped right back up. We had the same problem if I was the host or he was the host. We are both on the same and latest version. Both of our frame rates are locked in the sim at 30fps and they usually stay there. As a test I we connected using a different multiplayer platform and had no drop in frames. Any ideas on what may be causing the issue are most welcome. Thanks in advance.