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  1. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Flight control

    I'm using joystick rudder as nose wheel steering. I assigned it from FSUPIC, Axis assignment, send direct to FSUPIC calibration, Steering Tiller. Suddenly, this axis starts control rudder only. I tried to use another axis for Steering Tiller but I got the same result. How can I fix that?
  2. Is it works with Turbine Duke BE60, for F1 GTN 750? I have read the previous replies but didn't find an answer. BTW, Thanks for this great work!
  3. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Error when starting ChasePlane

    Solved! Thanks Keven. Best regards,
  4. Hi, When I trying to start ChasePlane I got following error: The was an issue with your Cameras.cfg file. Unable to check your camera references in P3Dv2 (error: cfgNotFound) Any help? Regards,
  5. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Camera movement

    Thanks Keven, solved!
  6. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Camera movement

    Hi there, When I moving camera in PMDG B777, movement not be smooth, unlike AS A320. I use joystick HAT. Following video for explain the problem more:
  7. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Install ChasePlane

    Hi there, When I install ChasePlane gives me option for "Dynamic CPU assignments" to use all or available CPU! Can anyone explain this option more, please? Thanks
  8. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Plane is not working and not uninstall

    I have contacted them and they said this: Mohammed, This error is coming from Windows and the Windows Installer System - not from us directly. Run a Google search for "an error (-5005 0x80070002) has occurred" and you'll see that it's not specific to our products and there's a lot of posts about it from a wide range of install situations with many different products. You can try this Microsoft tool and see if it makes any difference: Ryan MaziarzTechnical Support PMDG Simulations, LLC and i tried Microsoft tool and nothing has changed
  9. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Plane is not working and not uninstall

    i tried to open the system in safe mode and nothing has changed. and tried a restore point, but did not work. Perhaps because the problem has more than three months. What is the solution now? Please help me. :(
  10. Mohammed Al Ahmed

    Plane is not working and not uninstall

    Hello Dear, my PMDG 737NGX not working. i try to uninstall it but the computer give me error. and error code is: -5005 : 0x80070002. OS: Windows 7-64bit Please help me i need 737NGX. Best Regards, Mohammed