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  1. Don't forget, it could also just be a completely random sampling across all the submissions. There may be a server/streaming resource limit on their end and they are inviting up to that point. I can't see the NDA any longer, but I was pretty sure there was a line about not even mentioning if you got the invite or not. But, here are my specs regardless: Ryzen 7 2700X, MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon, 32GB DDR4-3000 RAM, Nvidia 2070 (and 2080), multiple SSDs (Win 10 OS on M2), 1Gb Up/Down Internet.
  2. The entire cockpit sim is for sale, see details here: http://www.my737ng.com/my-737-sim-is-for-sale/ - Todd
  3. Tried to install latest version, Avast detects the .exe as malicious and quarantines it.
  4. I've also encountered the "no messages to send to XXXX" problem with the NGX, but was able to work around it by clearing the flight plan from P3D's Flight Planner and reloading it.
  5. Have you looked at https://www.eurofpl.eu/ - Todd
  6. I got to installing my rudder pedals from Simujabs to compliment their column yoke. If you have a JetMax, you may have to do a little custom work to get them to fit correctly. I wrote it all up in another article on the site. Anyone else have any fitment issues with them? http://www.my737ng.com/hardware/simujabs/simujabs-rudder-pedals/
  7. Like picking which overhead panel to get, selecting a replica yoke is not easy. There a few different options out there with various pros and cons. I eventually went with the Simujabs Yoke and just installed it and am pretty satisfied. Anyone else have Simujabs experience? I wrote up my thoughts on it at my site if anyone is interested. http://www.my737ng.com/review-simujabs-single-yoke-control-column/
  8. Hello everyone! I have posted up a few more articles, including my review of the CPFlight Aft Overhead Panel. If you are interested, click the link! http://www.my737ng.com/hardware/cpflight/cpflight-aft-overhead-panel/
  9. Finally, after nearly 100 revisions, I have posted my review article on the CPFlight Forward Overhead Panel. A lot of people have been asking for this, so I apologize for the delay! http://www.my737ng.com/hardware/cpflight/cpflight-forward-overhead-panel/
  10. I just went through the grueling process of choosing a 737 overhead panel and thought sharing my experience/information may be helpful to the next builder! http://www.my737ng.com/overhead-overload/
  11. I did end up going with ProSim737 and have been quite busy posting articles up on the site. I just added my JetMax and CPFlight pedestal pages if you are interested!
  12. Good point, and I have added the information. Thank you! Mine is also from CPFlight and you have great timing! I just posted my write up for the pedestal as well. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/472990-my-review-of-a-fully-stocked-cpflight-pedestal-bay/
  13. As I've had some time to spend on my site, here is a writeup about my full CPFlight pedestal if you are interested. It includes info on the bay, the modules, and their integration. http://www.my737ng.com/hardware/cpflight/cpflight-complete-pedestal/ Comments are welcome!
  14. If anyone is curious about my experience with the FDS/JetMax 737 single seater, I have finished the write up. http://www.my737ng.com/hardware/fds-jetmax/jetmax-737sktq/ Comments are welcome!
  15. Thanks! I've been doing a ton of research on the avionic/flight software and, right now, it is ProSim or SimAvionics. I've seen pros and cons to both, but hardware compatibility and support seems to be the biggest factor.
  16. Hello all! I have been a member here for a while, but mostly reading and learning. I got the itch to get back into flight simulation last year, but have been non-stop since. Last month, I decided I was going to go full-size and attempt to build my own 737-800NG cockpit. I have a little history in website building to lean on, so I created my own blog/review site to track my progress if anyone is interested. I look forward to all comments, suggestions, and thoughts! http://www.my737ng.com
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