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  1. Hi PERO. Thank you first for providing such a mighty and useful tool for FSX. Since the update to the newest version I have a problem. I have two profiles for FSX, one with and one without ENB shaders (the #1 killer for the PMDG 737 NGX). The startup sequence of the profile with ENB looks like this: <copy> F:\FSX\ENB\d3d9.dll <to> F:\FSX\d3d9.dll C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\EasyToolz\easytoolz.exe <kill> F:\FSX\ASNext\ASnext.exe <kill> F:\FSX\fsx.exe <delete> F:\FSX\d3d9.dll In former versions this worked like a charm, but now I get an error that the file "d3d9.dll" can't be deleted, as it is in use by another program or process (a long VBasic error window). A wait of 10 seconds after the line 4 does not help, switching off backup of FSX files in the SimStarter setting does not help either. Can you figure out what's the problem here? Update: As a temporary (or permanent) solution I have re-arranged my profiles. All file operations have been removed from the master profile (as in post #1). The ENB file "d3d9.dll" is now permanently located in FSX directory. It will be deleted every time I start the PMDG profile (without ENB) before FSX starts, and will be copied after the exit of FSX and the kill of all other programs. So it's assured that the file is not in use by any process when FSX starts or terminates. This solution works for me, but if you still want to investigate the problem as described in post #1, I would appreciate, since it first came up with the new SimStarter version. Thank you, Christian