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  1. Eran Granola

    Voice problem 777 and vPilot (vatsim)

    Thank you all. it fixed by checking the MIC switch on and by the way vpilot as administrator. Eran Granola
  2. Eran Granola

    Voice problem 777 and vPilot (vatsim)

    Hello, When I using vPilot suddenly I can not speak inside the sim FSX, I need to move the cursor to the desktop then press the CTRL PTT and talk. Anyone know what should I have to do to press the CTRL from the sim FSX? Thank you.
  3. Eran Granola

    I can not install a livery

    Hello. I am using the operation center to change a livery.I have downloded the livery and I can isee it in the list the FICTIONAL remark. However I am not seeing it in the FSX. What should I have to do? Where is my wrong way? Thank you. Emil Gershon.
  4. Eran Granola

    pmdg 777 sp1 cockpit view and rwy database

    It's done. Emil Gershon. Thank you
  5. Eran Granola

    pmdg 777 sp1 cockpit view and rwy database

    Hello. I did it. Now there is a details on the buttons. However in the FMS I've got a message LLBG ERR: 03 RWY N/A. Thank you about yours answer. Emil Gershon,
  6. Hello. I am a new user of the pmdg 777. 1. The installation was too long, now how can I know that I have installed the latest version sp 1 d? 2. The description of the buttons are not sharp, How can I fix it. In the pictures and videos I can see many details on the cockpit buttons. 3. When I started a flight pressed the dep button on the FMC and I've got that there is no runways in the database. How can I fix it? Thank you.