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  1. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    After trial and error attempting every possible combination I could think of, finally got it to work. I think the linchpin and most important for anyone who is having trouble is disabling IPv6 on your Nic. The final successful combo for me for those still having trouble is: Enable Make this PC discoverable Disable Windows 10 Firewall Disable SSL 3.0 Disable IPv6 under Ethernet Properties Port Forward 8888 on your router Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  2. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Damn, tried this too. still no luck.
  3. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Ha, if I knew, then I wouldn't be here. Anyone know if the files are actually included with the installer, or does the installer just install the updater which then calls out to download the Operations Center?
  4. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Thanks again, there is no other antivirus installed besides the default Windows Defender which I disabled prior to installing the NGX.
  5. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Thanks, I verified that VS2015 is installed and working. I reinstalled windows before I purchased Prepar3d v4 or the PMDG NGX. That wasn't to address any issues, just getting a fresh start with a new machine. And yes, the problem is as originally stated- I was able to download, install, activate and run the NGX with the house livery in Prepar3d v4 without issue. The aircraft itself works great. I just can't get the Operations Center to install. The Operations Center Updater is present but fails to install the Operations Center itself. When running the update, I see the 'Connecting to Server' screen, the bar never fills, and then disappears after about two seconds.
  6. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Thanks, I submitted a ticket a few days ago, so far they don't have any suggestions that haven't already been tried here. I'll reiterate that at least in my case, this is a completely fresh install of Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition with no other software besides Prepar3d v4 and PMDG NGX. I've disabled the built in Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and directly connected my computer to my cable modem, bypassing my router. This is as open a connection as you can get. If the connection is being blocked, it's either failing on the server side, or Comcast is blocking it on the ISP side. As this is a fresh install, it's possible I'm missing a required runtime library that's not prompted for by the installer. Anyone know which libraries (java, old versions of Visual Studio, etc) are required for the updater to work? My thanks to everyone who's trying to help!
  7. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    So that makes at least 5 of us now with fresh installs that are having this problem. Seems like something is up. Adam Wells
  8. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Tried that too, still no luck. Adam Wells
  9. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Yes, I can reach the website just fine. I re-downloaded the setup file today just to make sure that I have the most up to date installer. Things I've tried: Right click, run as administrator Disabled Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus Disabled Windows Firewall Disabled all but TLS 1.2 in Internet Options (suggested by forum post) Disabled my router firewall Moved the Operations Center folder out of Programs (x86) to Desktop and ran as Administrator from there. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Aircraft using the latest installer. Still no Operations Center. I get the Connecting to server splash screen on the updater but the progress bar never fills and the screen disappears after about a second. Thanks for helping to troubleshoot! Adam Wells
  10. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Tried this too, still no luck. I'm baffled.
  11. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    Yeah it's odd. this is a completely fresh install of windows 10. no other software on it except for flight sim stuff. I also tried disabling windows defender and windows firewall. still no luck. Adam Wells
  12. Opreations Centre

    Yeah I'm having the same issue. I've disabled anti-virus and Windows Defender and still nothing. The updater says it's connecting and then nothing seems to happen. still no Operations Center. Adam Wells
  13. PMDG Operations Center did not install with NGX

    I did to both. I only have the default Windows 10 Defender anti-virus which i disable for both the updater and the installer. still no luck. Adam Wells
  14. Hi, I recently purchased the base package of the NGX for Prepar3d v4. The Plane works great in sim with the house livery, but the operations center seems to have failed to install. The folder is there in C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center but the only files in it are the OpsCenterUpdater.exe, PMDG_Icon.ico, and PMDG-OC-Manual.pdf. I ran both the updater and reran the installer to no avail. I sware I'm missing something but can't find it or the shortcut to it anywhere. help would be appreciated. Thanks! Adam Wells