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  1. guitar87

    trim failure

    Hi, I'm pmdg 747-8 user. First of all, sorry for my poor english. My problem is that my airplane continue climbing even after the cruz altitude at very fast vertical speed(~5000ft/m). FD is pointing downward but the pitch doesn't go down even when I manually push joystic forward because elevator trim is so high. Everything in fmc is correct!. This is software failure. Some people have same failure with me and no answers were right. Some say try again with clear weather, but this doesn't work. Even for same flight plan, sometimes it works correctly but sometimes doesn't. I think this happens because the panel state files crashes each other so the elevator trim goes faraway up when I turn on the autopilot. Do you have any Ideas to fix this problem????? Or Can pmdg co. care this problem for next update??? Again, this is not the problem something like 'Are you sure you put everything in FMC?' 'Check your joystick' things. This problem have been detected for several users before. I carefully guess this is trim error caused by panel state files crashes. p.s Do you know how to turn off the panel state auto save function? I guess maybe this method could be work.
  2. guitar87

    how to see cabin

    Hi, I just bought pmdg 747-8 and I have problem seeing inside airplane (cabin view). do you know how to see cabin just like in the 747-8i video?