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  1. Oturen1978

    Air Hauler on X-Plane 10

    Posebilitys in XP other than flying Air Hauler ? Missions like flying passangers ore such ? Ore fly around the world, meet up with other online pilotes ? Colud anyone tell me what more I can do in XP than just (fool around like a stupid muck) "novice pilote" !!!!
  2. Oturen1978

    Air Hauler on X-Plane 10

    Great You Guys ! Thanks to all !
  3. Oturen1978

    Air Hauler on X-Plane 10

    Ok thanks Blaze... Well today is a happy day ! I got it working... I think ?! What I did was to reinstall AH and select 32bit root for startup, than I renamed the 64bit exe so that AH can´t find it and that was it realy...I still can´t fly with the King Air B200 but AH seem to work with any airplane I choose so... Still it would be great to fly the King Air B200 to make it feel more real but still very happy to get it started. Anyone now where to get the King Air B200 for XP pls P.M or post here...thanks for quick responses from everyone ! Great Forum !!!
  4. Oturen1978

    Air Hauler on X-Plane 10

    Ok, too bad I wen´t and spend all that cash on the wrong Flightsim than. Was looking forward to doing som Air Hauli´n but wth win some loose some... Witch flightsim do u recomend using for a novice pilote compatible with AirHauler ? I´m will need to buy another version of AH to because this one is for X-planes and I can´t seem to find any retalers of X Planes 9 here in Sweden...
  5. Oturen1978

    Air Hauler on X-Plane 10

    I have tried running in XP-10 -32 bit but no change, no I don´t have the free plugin XUIPC. Will that help ? Has anyone got Air Hauler to run in X-plane 10 32bit, or schould i just give up hope and get X-plane 9 instead
  6. Having some troubles running the AH with XP 10-32 beta, can´t seem to get the thing to function properly ? Starting a new company in AH gives u a King Air B200 for starters but when starting a flight I realise that the King Air B200 doesen´t show up in XP-10 Anyone ho can help ?