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  1. kevinsaude

    P3DV3 Aircraft banking left

    It turns out there is no issues if I don't launch Opus FSI at all. with clear weather on P3D, No issues. Just bought Active sky Next, I'll report back if any issues with this weather engine . Thank you for your help Kevin Saude.
  2. kevinsaude

    P3DV3 Aircraft banking left

    I'm using OPUS FSI for P3D v3.55 My full name is Kevin Saude if thats what you're asking
  3. kevinsaude

    P3DV3 Aircraft banking left

    Hi everyone, For some reason, my 737 base package for P3D v3 decides to veer left when in cruise. I have only flown a couple of flights since upgrading from FSX to P3D but three times this occured whilst on cruise or descending to my destination. it looks like theres a control input to the left but in fact the autopilot (and ultimately myself when I take over the AP) find it difficult to counteract this input. See pictures below, the flight stick indicates that the AP is constantly trying to fight this input. before you fire the usual advices to me, here are the checks and tests I performed in order to get a good idea of where this strange behaviour comes from : -Controls OFF in P3D doesnt fix it, -FSUIPC is set as its always been, no issues there, -I'm using CH products calibrated and assigned threough FSUIPC but Again ! Controls dont seem at fault here, -Weather engine ? Im using the lastes version of Opus, I tried to desactivate it, tried different weather with different winds, again, the weather doesnt seem to be the culprit here, -No failures -on final, after battling against this force I ultimately had to change aircraft in order to land it, back to a default aircraft. Problem disappeared. I am assuming this is coming from the PMDG 737. Anyone can help me please ? On another flight, the plane was just uncontrollable :
  4. Hey guys, Just landed in Calcutta where I was very much looking forward to a lovely cat3 ILS approach in poor visibility however this didnt go as planned... The visibility generated was closer to 10000m than 50m as per the METAR, and the weather report (in the FSX menu) was saying as much. Heres the METAR given by IVAO : VECC 100120Z 00000KT 0000 R19L/M0050 RMID/M0050 R01R/M0050 FG VV/// 11/10 Q1015 NOSIG I have been flying eith the NOAA server as primary source of weather. After landing I tried to select IVAO instead, and Tada ! Thought it was worth mentionning to the dev team! Or did I do something wrong? Cheers, best investment I've made for a weather software EVER. ANd I mean it. Thank you! Kevin.