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  1. I installed the new version which you have sent per mail and everything went fine for 3 or 4 flight. Then I crashed and when I restarted FS and MCE I had those lags (~10 seconds between the items) again. I deleted the old mce.ini and then it works a little bit better. Hopefully this bug will be finally removed in future releases.
  2. So I managed to do a flight with the new version, and everything went fine except two little lags. Anyways, later on I wanted to try another thing and started FSX in windowed mode and suddenly all lags were back (every item was delayed about 7-10 seconds). I will try this more in future if it really is depending on the windowed mode. Hopefully this can you.
  3. Bad news, still not working for me. I have still delays of 10-15 seconds between 2 checklist items. The first flow worked liked a charm, but then from the second on it went back to the old problem. I made a complete reinstallation of MCE (uninstalling, removing mce.ini, installing MCE, configuring MCE).
  4. OK, I will try this. I now added the recommended options in the mce.ini and it got a little bit better. Some commands only get stuck at random. Could not determine a certain pattern. Delay is greatly decreased and always about 2-5 seconds. I'm very happy to hear that. I really appreciate your help and hopefully this will fix the issue. Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately I do not have a USB headset. Sorry. So I did not have a mce.ini (searched in FSX and MCE directory). I created it directly in the Root-Folder of the MCE installation C:\Pro gramm Files (x86)\Multi Crew Experience\mce.ini Some strange things happened: now sometimes the flow work very fine. And then suddenly it gets delayed again. So I did the following thing: Start FSX Run Vox script "Electrical power up with ground power" -> no delay Ran the same vox-script 10 times -> no delay Continued normal start up procedure and then lag reappeared at next checklist Restarted FS X Ran vox-script "electrical power up with ground power" -> delay is here again So i can not reproduce the error. I also think it is not depending on the mce.ini, because I also had this behavior once before adding the mce.ini file. What I observed during the times the flows worked well was, that all the checklist items took approximately those 6 seconds (with reading it out, setting the knob and waiting). So the mentioned time out problem could be the cause of the troubles.
  6. No i use the default voice: "Trav". No I did not. Yesterday I uninstalled everything reinstalled FSX SP2, MCE and Airbus X and the problem was still there. So apparently the problem is not due to another add-on. I will try the silent flow in the near future. Yes, the "Pay Attention!" also worked for me, but that can not be the solution to say "pay attention" all the time...
  7. No it is not overclocked. Everything left at default! I do not use a USB headset. A simple microphone plugged into the mic input of my onboard sound card. Audiochip is ALC889 which is Realtek. I am using the default windows driver. I want to add, that the described problem only occurs with the flows. Everything else - speech recognition and command execution - works without delay.
  8. The following a add-on's are installed, but none of them were active during the precedent measurement: FSUIPC Squawkbox4 FS2Crew Airbus X Extended Voice No I did not change the process and thread affinities. Everything is set to normal. I even reset the settings to default (with the available tool) before the test. the only thing I tried once, was to drag the "CPU usage" slider towards "high". The pauses decreased a little bit but that was not even near the defined one in the vox-script. I couldn't drag the slider to the maximum (fully right) because the MCE window would always freeze when the sling reached half-way.
  9. It is the pre-defined "electrical powerup with ground power" flow for the AXE. but in reality the pauses are much longer
  10. Hello, The pauses between the flow commands are way too long. Normally a pause of 1-2 second should be made, but instead they are 5-10. I have already made some researches in the forum and read through this thread, but no fixes worked for me. I have the exact same problems as stated by "KingGhidora". I also tried to increase the CPU-usage slider in MCE, but it didn't change any thing. My software versions: MCE FSX SP2 AXE 1.15 Hardware: 4 GB RAM Core2Duo P8700 Do you now any workaround for this problem?