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  1. MrLevelD

    Livery makes 777 crash

    Hello. I just bought the PMDG 777, it`s a fantastic plane to watch hehe. Now over to the problem, when I try to use the plane with BA livery (or any other livery aswell) it forces the FSX to crash. The livery`s are innstaled from PMDG Operation Center, it also says I have the latest version of the plane. Is this a known problem? Cause when I fly it with the standard pmdg livery it work just fine. But when I change to BA livery (or any other) it crashes, well it works until I passes 2000ft and then it all stops. The strange part is I only get Fatal Error, there are NO other messages. I have tried to search on google and here but cant find a post with this problem. Thanks; Espen (btw I am new here)