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  1. Thanks, you guys. You are humble and lovable! :-)
  2. Referring here to Bojote's topic . . . . Jack's Guide to the tweak on MYCOCKPIT.ORG . . . and many other places around the web, the "Zero Bufferpools" tweak for FSX is practically never mentioned alongside its own hardware and software requirements. For example, the utility nHancer is no good with nVidia drivers above version 256. I believe that makes nHancer useless with the brand new nVidia cards. But is nHancer absolutely ESSENTIAL for the "Zero Bufferpools" tweak? (If it is, the tweak is as good as dead now, no?) Similarly, the software UIAUTOMATIONCORE.DLL is recommended only for Windows 7 (64). Will the DLL fail under an XP environment? Is, therefore, a Windows 7 (64) operating system absolutely essential for the "Zero Bufferpools" tweak? Thanks! rss