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  1. kkergen

    Stuck between Dx9 & 10

    Hi and thanks for the really quick answer. I did solve the Problem today. It was acutally pretty easy, i downloaded a atiumdag.dll from here :http://de.originaldll.com/file/atiumdag.dll/8933.html and just copied it to the FSX Main Folder. The DX9 CDT Problem seems to be solved after 10 mins of testing. Under DX10 i still get Graphic Blurs, but at least i can fly now under DX9
  2. Hi guys, since this is my first topic in this forum i'd would to present myself: My name is Kevin Kergen, and i'm from Luxembourg, Europe I'm flying MSFS since the age of 6 or 7. Actually i've got a huge problem with FSX. I had my FSX installed with a lot of addons (lots of aerosoft scenerys, Orbx Global, REX Ess.+, Opus Weather, PMDG NGX, QW Bae164 etc...) but always when i opened something in the Menu (airport, weather etc) FS made a CTD. When i did not touch the menu, FSX was just working fine with FPS up 20-30. Yesterday I was so annoyed of this problem that i decided to reinstall whole FSX. So i deleted all addons with the deinstall programm, then FSX, then all files of FSX i could find on D:\progam files x86\microsoft\fsx an on C:.... Afterwards i made a whole Registry Clean up an Reinstalled FSX + Acceleration. So i had a clean FSX Installation and had updated all my Hardware Drivers. But when running on DX9 i got FPS 70-80 an running just fine until i touch the menu,, then direct CDT. So i choose DX10 Preview and the CDT Problem was gone. Then i installed the Basic Addons: ORBX Global, REX Ess. +, Fs Global Ultimate and Opus FSX and DX10 Scenery Fixer. Nothing else. So Test Flight by day with the Trike in ELLX by day an fair weather DX10 Everything ok, Frames 40-60 but after 4-5 minutes i got graphic blurs etc... but no CDT! When i turn on real weather with Opus FSX, the Frames were still 40-60 when i look at the ground, but they drop to 10-15 when looking at the sky (was pretty cloudy this day) but no CDT, the graphic blurs appear after 1-2 mins. When i get back to DX9 then i have no more Graphic Blurs and a constand FPS of 40, no matter if looking at the ground or the cloudy sky. But the old problem remains, if i touch the menu, i get instantly a CDT. So now i really don't know what to do,,,, I did a lot of google search an the famous uiautomationcore.dll is not the problem. When a CDT in DX9 appears, the log says the problem is the ATIUMDAG.DLL, so something seems to be wrong with the Graphics Drives but it's up to date.... So Guys as you see i don't really know what to do next and it would be great if someone could help me Thanks Here are my System Specs: . Mainboard: MSI Z77a-G43 Chipset Z77 CPU Intel Core I5 3570 3.4GhZ Overclocked to 4.2 GhZ GPU: ATI Radeon HD7800 4 GB Ram DDR3 1600 Win 7 Pro Edtition 64 Bit