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  1. Reinstalled FSX and PMDG 777. No activation code asked for, downloaded PMDG 777 product activation no luck.... am I missing something simple. Thanks.
  2. DBCorkran75

    777 Logo Light?

    Is the brightness of the 777 logo light normal, cause I noticed that the 737 NGX Logo Light is much brighter? Thank you. David Corkran
  3. DBCorkran75

    Screens are getting blurry

    Hello flying world. I have been messing around with my graphics card, so that may be the problem, but I have noticed that the computer screens have been getting blurry. All knobs and switches and lettering around them along with the keys on the FMC are very sharp, but all the computer screens are slightly blurry and they used not to be. Did not know if anyone else is having this problem and what they did to fix or might know what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. DBCorkran75

    FMC says Descent rate not Achievable

    Thank you to all the responses.... by droping the cost Index from 80 down 30 had me descending at 272 instead of 317 and when the NVAV comp could not descend, using LVL change working just fine. So thanks again for all responses...
  5. DBCorkran75

    FMC says Descent rate not Achievable

    Hello, was just wondering if others are receiving this message? So the plane does not follow the proper descent and I have to react quickly to get back on course. Any one else having this problem... and does this really happen in real life and what is anyone doing about it? I mean sometimes the plane just needs to drop a thousand feet in 8 nautical miles and then the FMC displays the message and stops descending and then I am having to descend very step to get back on course. Understand the problem?
  6. DBCorkran75


    Thank you for all of your help. I was entering everything correctly, but the GIBBZ star for KIAD had way to much information in terms of speeds and altitude changes for the FMC, so I deleted a lot of them and just entered what I definitely needed.
  7. DBCorkran75


    When trying to fly from Chicago to Washington Dulles, the SID for Dulles is rather long and when typing it all into the FMC it will not take it all due to the VNAV saying VNAV log full. Was just wondering if there was anyway to increase the size of the log file or if anyone else has gotten this message. Its not a big thing. I just have to enter half of the flight info and then type the rest 2/3 of the flight... Thank you David Corkran.